Free Custom «Texas State Parks» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Texas State Parks» Essay Paper

There are numerous Texas State Parks across the Texas’ landscape. Due to their numerous numbers, one has to use the available links in locating a state park in Texas’s seven geographic regions. For easy navigation and location of a state park of interest, each state park and historic sites have links, contact information, photos, directions, and other guidelines to enable a visitor make a choice on the state park to visit (All Across Texas.). Generally, Texas state parks have been made extremely easy for visitors from across the world to research on the available parks and the related facilities. This has been made possible through websites, available parks’ reviews, and reservation books. There are ninety State Parks in Texas. The following are some of the some of the top Texas State Parks; Abilene State Park, Atlanta State Park, Balmorhea State Park, Bastrop State Park, Big Bend Ranch State Park, Big Spring State Park, Blanco State Park, Blusher State Park, Caddo Lake State Park, and Caprock Canyons State Park. The ten parks are among the best state parks in Texas; however, Bend Ranch State Park is the best state park and is worth a visit at least once in a lifetime.

Different recreation activities offered by the Texas State Parks can only be matched to very few other states parks. The available recreation activities offered by these parks range from aerial tram rides, horseback riding, excellent fishing, beautiful scenerie mountain biking, hunting activities, and boat riding among other activities. Most of these activities are not far from the urban centers. This makes them a perfect day-trip gateways (Texas Parks and Wildlife Department). However, some of them are found in the remote areas; thus, making travelers to stay awake for sometimes, as they travel to such parks. Nevertheless, travelling as well exposes the visitors to other beautiful scenes along the way.

People who are historically buffed will ever find the Texas state parks documentations of the unique historic sites heritage quite significant. The documentations contain dinosaur tracks, the native America ancient rock arts, the mission of the Spanish colonization, revolution sites of the Republic of Texas, frontier forts, and the landmarks of the nineteenth century; these connects the visitor well with the historical days. Additionally, the parks display cultural, as well as natural unit states diversity (All across Texas). The guides act as the road maps to the natural and cultural diversities, which include mountain vistas, wide-open desert spaces, and the red rock canyons all of which are verdant of the Eastern and western Texas (Texas Parks and Wildlife Department). They further include the water-rich and wooden environs of Westland and wooden Texas, and finally the marshes and the beaches of south gulf coast of Texas.

Finally, the diverse development and progress of the Texas State Parks caan be connected to their wide acknowledgment of the use of technology in most of its recreation and sporting activities; for example, its statewide use of Geocache. Geocaching is treasure hunting using GPRS units in finding people’s hidden “caches” all over the world. Texas State Parks have placed their geocaches everywhere, from down the streets to the remote wilderness. The geocache challenges are very interesting; for instance, the geocache challenge organized for family members to discover hidden, but exiting stories and facts about Texas State Park. This event attracted many people from across the globe. Interestingly, anybody can participate in the Geocache challenge even without physically being present at the Texas State Parks. All a person needs is a Global Positioning Satellite receiver (GPSr) (Texas Parks and Wildlife Department). These features make the Texas state parks unique.

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In conclusion, Bend Ranch State Park is a summation of all the above unique features of the state parks. In addition, at the fall of winter, its desert floras and presidio come to life beatifying the park further. The prickly pear, the hedgehog, and other forms of cacti booms are formed, which actually profuse into yellow, pink and all the other colors of the rainbow. These unique features in addition to an oasis, which contains more than 100 springs, Solitario (collapsed volcano dome), and a twin waterfall make the Bend Ranch State Park a park to consider visiting.


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