Free Custom «Suez Canal» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Suez Canal» Essay Paper

A canal will bring honor to France as a nation in terms of significant economic, political, and military benefits. Due to the size of the project, a lot of resources will be needed. There are two types of canals that can be constructed at Panama namely, a sea level canal or a lock canal. A lock canal uses a series of locks to help boats move from one water body to the other. Examples of lock canals include the Kennet and Avon canal, the Leeds and Liverpool canal, and the Worcester and Birmingham canal. A sea level canal has to be constructed at sea level so that the ships can travel from one water body to the other on a fairly consistent level. In this case, the locks are not used to help the ships cross from one ocean to the other. Consequently, using a sea level canal requires less time compared to the lock canal. Examples of sea level canals include the Suez Canal and the Kiel Canal.

The success of Suez Canal indicates that a sea level canal will be the best option. However, constructing a sea level canal at Panama will be difficult due to the landscape. In particular, lowering the mountainous region of Panama to sea level will be difficult, and will require a lot of financial resources. Besides, disposing the excavated soil and rocks will be a challenge. It will also result into the destruction of ecosystems and pollution of the environment. Constructing a sea level canal at Panama will create a giant waterfall at the crossing of the Chagres River. This will make the canal less useful when the river is flooded. Despite these drawbacks, a sea level canal has the following advantages. Firstly, a sea level canal will not require any extra supply of water. Secondly, boats can travel faster through a sea level canal than in a lock canal. Owing to the terrain of the Panama region, we recommend the construction of a lock canal. A lock canal will involve less excavation of the landscape, thereby reducing the construction cost. Besides, constructing a lock canal will be less detrimental to the environment.

An alternative to the canals will be to construct a railroad to transport the ships across the land from one ocean to the other. A railroad will make it possible to avoid the challenge of excavating the mountains and disposing the soil. However, a railroad will only be feasible if it can carry large ships, if it will cost less to construct and allows for future expansion.


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