Free Custom «Snake River» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Snake River» Essay Paper

Form the above considerations, “of the three locations of the river rafting business location proposal”; each of the locations has its demerits as well as merits. Following the naming of river Colorado as most of the endangered rivers in 2004, it is not advisable to establish a new business there since many legal and insurance implications would be involved.

The best suitable location would be Jackson Hole in Snake River at the state of Wyoming. Snake River is in a remote state of Wyoming from where environmental complications are less likely to occur. The ownership of land there is a less complex process, since there area is sparsely populated.

River rafting requires white waters, which Snake River is able to offer. Considering this is as new business, location should also be determined by competition. In both Arkansas River and river Colorado both of which are in the state of Colorado there is already booming business. Although, it may be argued that this will bring the business close to customers, but in my opinion, Jackson Hole in Snake River will be a perfect place.


River rafting business is a recreational service, and it must adhere to by laws, and laws regulating the utilization of natural resources. The customer is to establish the business in Wyoming; this does not mean it is less strict as compared to the states of Colorado and Arizona from where rivers Colorado and Arkansas lie respectively. The issue is business-wise the new firm will gain stability in a less competitive environment. Of course, there are river rafting establishments in Jackson Hole; “therefore” the customer should be prepared to go a step higher in attracting and retaining customers.

The customer should not focus on distance the customers will travel to Wyoming as compared to the distance between Salida and Arkansas River. If a tourist is interested in the adventure which is the driver of this business then, driving to Wyoming will be an adventure before the real adventure of rafting begins.



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