Free Custom «Riyadh City» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Riyadh City» Essay Paper

Geography and location

The city is located at the central part of the state, five hundred and thirty miles by the road from Jeddah on the red sea and two hundred and forty miles from Dammam on the Arabian Gulf. Along the road to Jeddah, about one thousand miles, there is the impressive Tuwaiq escarpment fragile sand stone cliffs rising two hundred to five hundred feet for about thirty miles. To the south about fifty miles from Riyadh lies Alkharj, a broadly irrigated region with much cultivation (Mackey, 1987).

Owing to its size, the climate is cold in the winter and hot and dry in the summer. Temperatures vary from twenty to thirty six degree Celsius and the normal rainfall is ten to twenty millimeter.

Important features

The midst of Riyadh is called Al Bathaa and it is the oldest component of town. Al Bathaa is the residence to the GPO, bus station, and many other things needed by the travelers. The bus station is the common place where the Riyadh’s people live because there are shawarma stands and coffee shops.

The west of the Al Bathaa of the Riyadh Museum has archaeology of the kingdom from the early Islam to the Stone Age and all the customary objects covering the history. It covers the Arabian Peninsula since the earliest times by featuring the exhibits on archeology, culture and traditional Saudi life style. There’s an exciting flaunt on the Islamic a separate Ethnographic Hall and architecture, with clothes, weapons, jewelry and musical instruments.

The airport is placed to the North of the town. The majority of the agencies of Central Government and the ministries are located along Old airport road (shara mataar). There are several modern and five star hostels with brilliant facilities in Riyadh. Other prominent features of the town are The National Museum, Water Tower, The Equestrian Club, The King Fahd National Library and the ninety three kilometer ring road encircling the city.



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