Free Custom «Regional landscapes of the US and Canada » Essay Paper

Free Custom «Regional landscapes of the US and Canada      » Essay Paper

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is mutual relation between farmers and supporter on a vegetable growing program that aims to bring farm produce closer to the consumer. Most of the US agricultural products travel for over a thousand miles before reaching to the supermarkets making it impossible for consumers to access fresh farm products as most are brought in from far. This in turn leads to negative impacts on the state economy. The program is adopted mainly in the northern parts of America making it proudly claim 1000 farms across the US and Canada. The group helps the farmers in drawing up of the budget to illustrate all necessary expenses and production costs for each year, the expenses include seed investment tools, taxes, land payment, distribution costs, machinery maintenance and other costs incurred. The number of people on the farm share up the expenditures. The program initiates for the production of honey, eggs, dairy products, fruits and flowers. The CSA is variant considering differences in farm locations, agricultural practices and different goals by different farm s.

The CSA is most productive in the northern America and Canada due to the favorable agricultural climate in the two regions that favors agriculture as well as settlement although the entire continent. The North American low land range from the mid continent at the Mackenzie Valley to the Atlantic Coastal Plain is inclusive of the great plains that stretch across the US and Canada .The mountains ranges are covered by immense grasslands or the prairies which through the past volcanic activities , are made of very fertile soils that greatly support agriculture. The geographical composition of grassland and forests results into a climatic condition that favors agriculture due to sufficient rain and condusive environment for plants. The Columbia and Fraser rivers have their waters sourced in the Canadian Rockies. T he two rivers are the major rivers in the northern America on which agriculture greatly depends on them (Environment Canada,2007)



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