Free Custom «Physical Geography Issues» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Physical Geography Issues» Essay Paper


This essay focuses on Physical geography issues that affect processes and patterns in the natural environment, such as biosphere, atmosphere, and geosphere. The issues facing societies are climate change, meteorology miss ups, ecology related challenges, environmental geography, oceanography, and other physical, geographical issues. Physical geography deals with the analysis of various processes and arrangements in the natural surroundings such as atmosphere, geosphere, and biosphere, in contrary to the built environment or cultural, the domain of human geography. The issues affecting the society are related to their environment and practices.

Physical geography issues and their effects

Climate changes affect the society activities and practices. Climatology has been used to help do weather forecasting and other climatic changes which determine society existence. There are various climate models which have been used to study dynamics of the climate and weather system to project the future climate and environmental changes. Climatology has various aspects to consider, through paleoclimatology past climates can be reconstructed by examining data such as tree rings or ice cores. These records or data can also be used to determine some weather changes like hurricane frequency over millennia. Historical climatology has also been used to analyze people history for last few thousand years, based on effect of the climate and events of the time. Climate is governed by physical regulations or laws expressed like differential equations.

Both climatology and meteorology focus on the weather conditions and their effects on society. They differ only because meteorology examine the current weather conditions such as temperature, humidity, and air pressure and can only forecast short-term weather of the future. They both dictate the cultural behavior and practices of various societies. These studies help in making proper plan also live in a good environment.  Miss interpreting or misunderstanding the weather has caused society or the world to lose their citizen or to suffer damages. Climatology and meteorology are handy for the society practices like farming, shelter structure, living practices, and other activities.

Ecosystem examines or relates to biophysical feedback between living creatures, and nonliving elements of the environment. The biogeochemical cycles of the earth or planet are generated and regulated by the components of the environment. Foods and services that sustain human societies and the well-being of their people are available due to a favorable ecosystem. Ecology study has been very instrumental to the ecosystem sustainability and general relationship of the world inhabitants. Ecology involves physiology, genetics, behavior, and evolution of living things and environment influences. Ecosystems maintain every life-supporting purpose on the earth, including climate checks, fibers, soil creation, food availability, medicines invention or discovery of herbs, water filtration, erosion control, and other natural elements of past, religious or scientific worth. These are very essential components of everyday life activities and existence of societies. Ecosystem and ecology issues must be well comprehended to eliminate some of the issues the society suffers due to ignorance or sheer carelessness.

Landscape ecology is also geographical issues, which describe effects of the landscape in relation to the existence. Ecological progression such as the supply and flow of energy or power, resources, and individuals in the environment is determined by the landscape ecology.  It is concerned with how energy and resources are changed or modify to be useful and their impacts on the landscape.

Environmental geography analyzes aspects of interaction of human and the surrounding. It bridges the gap between the physical geography and human thus requiring a better understanding of the dynamics of meteorology, geology, biogeography, hydrology, and geomorphology. When it is, understood when then a lot of challenges will be reduced. How human perceive the environment is a main concern of conservations practices.

The amount of water moving or accumulating the surface of the earth is another geographical concern. Water is the backbone of existence, if not well understood and conserved then a lot of disasters are bound to hit society. The hydrological cycle is very essential for the existence. This involves the analysis of lakes, rivers, extent of glaciers and aquifers in regards to the dynamics and processes involved in these bodies of water. Hydrology is very important for existence, since water is important and virtually applies in every aspect of life; proper understanding must be a concept of all the societies. There are many challenges affecting society due to past or present poor conservation of these bodies of water. Activities of the society living a long these bodies revolve around their existence. Oceanography   concerns the ocean’s effect to the environment also people.

The challenges

Challenges the people are facing are numerous but proper planning will help in containing then. The obvious challenge of the society or the world is the ever growing population. The people continue to grow yet the resources are decreasing. Ignorance of proper coexistence between the living being and non- living things is another challenge that if not taken care of will lead to worst environmental crisis. The skills we learn help us predict and act accordingly in case of weather challenges.


The physical geography studies help us to understand the world also to know the best practices to assist in maintaining our environment. Everyone should know the importance of coexisting and preservation of resources. Understanding weather help the society make informed choices of what to do at all times and effectively implement them. There are very many challenges some are supernatural others are manmade; however, precaution reduces the impacts of the challenges. 



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