Free Custom «Landslides» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Landslides» Essay Paper

Landslides take place in a wide range of settings such as intraplate settings; transform vaults, volcanic arcs, and subduction complexes. The effects of landslides can be costly and deadly and therefore, for people wishing to purchase a house in areas that are prone landslides, it is important that they are well prepared for such disasters (Girty, 2009)

A good example to illustrate the effects of landslide is the Mt. Soledad landslide. The landslide occurred in 2007 and led to the damage of sewer lines, water lines and gas lines. Due to the extent of damage, 9 houses were red tagged and led to the loss of approximately $22 million for private property owners. The other major landslide occurred in La Conchita which is located in along California’s pacific coast. In 1995, a portion of the hills in La Conchita dropped downwards and slowly flowed in the direction of the Pacific Ocean. This landslide severely destroyed 9 houses. Another huge landslide took place in 2005, this landslide led to the death of 10 people while 14 others were seriously injured. In addition, 15 houses were destroyed completely and 16 others were made uninhabitable.

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From this trend, it is evident that the coast of California is prone to landslides.  In this region, coastal erosion and flooding present the most serious, complex and high risk problems. The erosion is due to a combination of factors such as high winds, waves, tidal action, rising sea levels, and winter storms. Before purchasing a house in this region, citizens should contact the emergency management office to find out the possibility of landslides occurring and what areas are considered as most dangerous. In addition, prospective home owners should buy insurance policies that cover specific hazards such as landslides

The other measure that citizens should take is that they should learn about the measures they can utilize to protect their personal property, homes and themselves in the event of a landslide. In the coastal region homeowners usually install hurricane clips or window shutters to secure their roofs. The other thing that citizens should do is that, they should learn the warning signals used in the area. The prospective homeowners should visit the emergency management office to get information on the warning signals that the communities in the coastal region use. It is crucial to know what the alarms mean, how they sound like, and what to do when these signals are triggered.


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