Free Custom «Immigration » Essay Paper

Free Custom «Immigration » Essay Paper

Immigration is the act of foreigners moving into a country that is not theirs. The reasons for immigration are usually political unrest, economic hardships, war among others. A few authors and poets give and discuss their views on immigration. There have been a lot of immigrants in the country of America and for many reasons. It has impacted the American society in tremendous ways. Immigration is a great issue in the American society that has affected it in one way or another (Morrow 45).

Adrianne Rich writes a poem, he says that one will either go through or not go through that door, and when you go through it there is always that risk that you will remember your name. Things look at you, and you must look back at them or live a worthy life if you do not go through it. He says that if you choose not to go through that door, you might die bravely or maintain your attitudes and position. However, not going through that door might mean that you do not experience many things of life. The door does not make any promises to anyone (Busey 11).

America has always been known as the land of opportunity. As Rich describes in his poem, as the door, opportunity is a door that is quite uncertain. There is an opportunity, but it is uncertain because in any country, immigrants are always viewed as a threat to the native citizens. Immigrants are most times unwelcome because that would mean that there will be a strain on resources that are meant for the native citizens. He talks of making the choice of staying in your own country or taking the risk of being an immigrant, both of which have their own challenges and hurdles.

“If you go through, there is a risk of remembering your name”.

“The door itself makes no promises. It’s only a door”.

(Rich 1).

Facts and statistics by the National Immigration Forum, state that new immigrants in the youthful labor force are more concentrated than the natives. People contribute more to the public coffer and draw very little from it. The natives are more in the childhood stages of economic reliance when the net flows are from the community to the personality. This economic effect is probably the most important as it is an effect to all countries with any immigrants (Fairchild 45).

On the other hand, there are also optimistic effects of immigration. Immigrant labor allows the production of many goods and services at a cheap rate. It also provides work force for some businesses that would otherwise not be in existence, for example, textile industries, domestic household services and agricultural industries. These businesses could not exist on the same scale (Brooks 19).

Immigration has both positive and negative effects. An overall observation shows that immigration has a positive effect on the economy. This is due to an increase of supply of labor and lesser prices that result from immigration. It allows more goods services to be produced more cheaply. Despite the number of hardships faced by Native Americans such as paying extra taxes, reduced wages for the Native American who do not have a high school education due to competition sparked by immigrants, the native citizen enjoys these positive effects immigration.

It is; therefore, fit to conclude that immigration has both negative and positive effects to immigrants and the natives of the country. As Rich puts it in his poem, immigration for the purpose for opportunity is very uncertain. He describes an opportunity as just a door. This means that one can risk entering and finding nothing short of hardships and regrets and one can choose not enter and live a worthy life (Jonas and Suzanne 56).



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