Free Custom «Global Climate» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Global Climate» Essay Paper

According to the author of the article, the world is becoming colder. Therefore people should not be worried about change of climate. This is more than a theory by cynics. Currently, much attention has been given to global cooling; in the media, in circles of science and politics. As a lot of scientists carefully study the change of climate, a reaction has come up that tries to oppose the agreement of institutions like the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. These cynics state that we are not in an era of warming earth temperature s, but, actually, experience a pending time of global cooling, which may have begun already (Vogel and Lazar, 2010).

There are three general arguments regarding global cooling, made by skeptics of global warming. The first one is that earth warming is just the present trend in a journalistic swing concerning warming of the globe and cooling of the globe. Secondly, there is no accord in the community of science on warming of the globe or its human causes; thus the whole debate of global warming is grounded on assumption, not facts. The third argument is that any increase in temperature is exclusively because of change in solar rays, like cycles of sunspot, or unevenness of nature climate (Vogel and Lazar, 2010). Hence, warming is because of nature. These drifts also show impending global cooling. All these arguments had responses.

Summary of the second article

Global Warming

Adjustment of climate appears more and more like turning to a disaster we impose upon ourselves in attempt to evade one we have only visualized. The assumption of disastrous global warming because of CO2 productions rests on two basic factors. One of the factors is that CO2 take in infrared rays. The second factor is that related computer models of weather have been formed to illustrate augmented warming with augmented CO2. On the contrary to the practical world of computer models, the evidence of the real world shows a very different picture. The most serious crisis we experience is not earth warming, or how to increase the cost of fuel so that little is used, but providing sufficient at prices that are affordable to sustain our economy until substitutes can become realism (Starck, 2008).

For the moment, the fascination with earth warming has made us blind to a far more actual and pending danger. The supply of oil on which our whole economy depends on is not sustaining with augmented demand, and we are not doing anything useful in response. Constant increase in demand, scarcity, major further price increases and a dampening consequence on the worldwide economy are nearly sure to continue for the near future (Starck, 2008). Inexpensive liquid fuel for transport and movable machines is fundamental to the running of the entire economy. For instance, in Australia, synfuel which is derived from coal and gas could provide all the needs of the people at a price which is less than half the present oil price.


The writers performed some scientific researches. For example, several peer-reviewed scientific investigations globally show a Medieval Warm Period as warm as or warmer than current temperatures. Present warming is not exceptional. Another scientific investigation indicates that, over the past two years, there is a noticeably decline in global temperatures in both hemispheres (Starck, 2008). About global cooling, the scientific investigation indicates that scientists believe that the alterations in incident solar rays, and the connected response mechanisms, are the main causes of glaciations (Vogel and Lazar, 2010). The writers were not bias. They tried to balance both science and myth and how they relate to global cooling and global warming. There are several causes of the climate change. Any increase in temperature is exclusively because of change in solar rays, like cycles of sunspot, or unevenness of nature climate. Hence, warming is because of nature. Change in greenhouse gases like CO2 and nitrous oxide causes alteration in climate. Pollution causes changes of these gases.

In the recent past, there are occurrences that indicate climate change. Some of these occurrences include droughts in some parts of the world, floods like El Nino. What I have learned during the course about annual fluctuations in climate is that ocean temperature is gradually improving; rain patterns have changed, in that long rains are being experienced in the time when there should be short rains.  This indicates a drastic change in weather patterns. The question of how the world will be like in 100 years is quite interesting but I essentially think that the environment would be better than it is currently. The explanation for my optimism is because humans will change to cleaner sources of energy.

I believe alteration in climate is a reality, and the cynics should view this fact. Human-environmental equation contributes toward climate change. This is so because of the activities of man like burning coal, deforestation and other agricultural and engineering practices that eventually alters the atmosphere composition and cause climate change. Humans should therefore stop these activities in order to preserve the climate. More studies should be done regarding the cause of climate change because many factors are based on theory and not practical.



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