Free Custom «Geographical Causes of Poverty » Essay Paper

Free Custom «Geographical Causes of Poverty » Essay Paper

The sub Saharan Africa is a region associated with extreme levels of poverty, high levels of HIV/AIDS, diseases such as malaria and hunger. But the levels of poverty are higher in this part of the world than anywhere else in the world. Over half of people in Sub Saharan Africa live with an income of less than a dollar a day. Poverty has been contributed by many factors which include corruption, lack of raw recourses, heavy loans to developed countries, armed conflicts, colonization, geographical causes among other.

Some of the geographical causes include; deserts – Many countries in the Sub Saharan Africa have a big part of their land occupied by large part of vast desserts that inhibit human and animal existence. Like in Chad, most of the land is occupied by a huge vast desert that cannot be inhabited and cannot support agriculture or animals. These deserts are harsh and are very hot and dry the rainfall is very scarce and water is a big problem. Other countries greatly affected by the desert are Namibia because of the Kalahari Desert.

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Another geographical cause of poverty is lack of adequate fresh water that can be used in farming, production of power among other economic activities that require use of water. Like in Kenya people die of hunger because of lack of fresh water for farming and the price of power is very expensive because of their reliance in hydroelectric power which is usually unreliable due to lack of adequate water. In Kenya more than 50% of the population has no access to electricity.

Lack of natural resources is another geographical source of poverty in Africa. Some Sub Saharan African countries have no natural resources like minerals or oil that can adequately sustain their economies. Though it is believed that there are lots of minerals in Sub Saharan Africa, some countries like Somalia have no mineral and others have minerals but the mineral is not of much economic value e.g. in Tanzania there is Diamond but not of much economic value.


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