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Geographic Perspective

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Geographic perspective refers to the methodology used by geographers which involves firstly, the use of all data and tools available to find out the spatial distribution of the subject in focus, secondly, investigating the underlying causes of the observed distributions, and subsequently making predictions or decisions based on the results, which may entail preservation or alteration of the existing distribution. Geographic perspective has found use at local, regional and even at global levels.

The usefulness of geographic perspective can be appreciated in investigating the aspects of virtually anything that has a spatial distribution. According to Pascoe & Greboval (2006), the challenges involved in establishing the target output and input levels in an area can be effectively solved by geographic perspective (p.10). It helps in ascertaining the size of fish stocks in an area in terms of the species numbers and the size of each species, as well as the evaluate the geographic mobility of the area, so that the fleet can safely move into the area during fishing. The area under fish mapped can be local, for example a lake within a country but especially in the global level at the high seas. Through geographic perspective, decisions such as focusing on areas that have bigger fish stocks and are navigable to the fleets are definitely chosen and exploited thus risks are minimized.

This method is also immensely useful in the conservation of flora and fauna. The biodiversity in an area is ascertained using this method after which appropriate conservation measures are designed. Millspaugh and Thomson (2009) claim that the use of geographic perspective in ecology and conservation dates to the 19th century (p.87). Geographic distribution patterns have been used to delineate areas of biotic similarity according to climate and evolution (87). Thus the new area of geographic conservation has been come up with as a result. In conclusion, it is evident that geographic perspective is helpful in arriving at accurate predictions and in decision making in many areas involving subjects that have a spatial distribution.

Buy custom Geographic Perspective essay paper cheap

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