Free Custom «Ethiopia is a Lovely Country» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Ethiopia is a Lovely Country» Essay Paper

Ethiopia is a lovely country any person would dream to visit. This is because of many reasons. To begin with Ethiopia is one of the African countries with richest histories. Such histories help one touring the area to broaden his or her mind. The country has tremendously startling sites. Climate there suits many as it is equivalent to that of South Africa and also the sceneries are the same. There are dry areas and natural places that attract visitors more not to mention the fabulous birds. This paper will look at reasons why I should visit Ethiopia and places that I will give priority for my visit.

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According to history, Ethiopia is known to have the longest archeological record in the African continent. It is recognized as the place where humanity lived because the first fossils were found there (Shinn 45). There are also sites that show that there were cereals cultivated in that area also activities such as painting. The country being among the oldest Christian civilized it is known as the land of queen Sheba also the place where the tabernacle containing the Ark of the Covenant was placed at last (Hay 76). There are sites such as churches, palaces, castles, Lake Tana, Blue Nile fall among others that are magnificent to explore. The lakes are inhabited by birds and other animals that create extremely pleasant sceneries. For those who love rafting it is here since there are fast flowing rivers which enable the activity.

The country has several sanctuaries and national parks around four and nine respectively. Here, we have many species of wild animals and birds. Putting all these into consideration, I plan to visit Lake Tana to do some rafting, a game I like most. I will also visit archeological sites to understand more about the human origin. I will also visit parks to see different types of animals and birds. I believe to enjoy my visit to Ethiopia and gain knowledge pertaining geographical formation and physical features worth noting.


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