Free Custom «Earthquake in Haiti» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Earthquake in Haiti» Essay Paper


The Haiti earthquake was chaotic, traumatizing and horrific. I was in Haiti during the earthquake on then the earth started shaking I was going back to the hotel shortly after 5. It was so scary because I at first thought the world was coming to an end. I did not receive any injuries though I can compare the aftermath of the scenes of the earthquake to those I only see on TV. It was a life changing experience that I will never forget. However though, am grateful to god that I survived the violent political clashes that followed and the cholera epidemic that followed.

I was at Karibe hotel which is found in petitionville in the company of a friend of mine. He wanted to go to his room because he had just arrived. But because I was hungry, I pulled him to the restaurant and I think this saved him. While we ate, we heard a very loud noise. In the beginning it sounded like it was a blast from the kitchen but later on I came to know that it was an earthquake. I rushed outside to the courtyard and lay my head facing the ground. What followed were sixty seconds that were endless that left me with the impression that the ground would open up and would never end. It was so huge and enormous that made one thinks that the earth had turned to become a sheet of paper with very low density because the earth became totally soft and tender.

After the thirty seconds, we woke up from the ground and decided that we should get very far away from   the hotel. The hotel was unsafe because it was so tall and therefore rushed downwards towards the tennis court where everyone had gathered. After about two or three minutes, we began to hear cries. The area that surrounded the hotel had only little damage. The buildings nearby were slightly damaged .some buildings at a distant had all collapsed. Nine people were already dead. We feared that tremors would follow and would most likely cause more damage but we decided not to worry but to engage I n assistance of saving more lives that it was badly needed.

The whole city went silent. There was stillness everywhere as no one moved. Everyone tried to imagine where their relatives and friends could be because they feared for their lives. At 4:00 P.M school kids were still loitering after class. There was movement everywhere at this time because people were making late purchases before heading to their homes because of traffic jams. The society was completely scattered and dispersed. At this time every one knew where his friends or relatives were but not at 5 when the disaster struck. So, after the earthquake, anxiety rose as everyone held his breath. The silence that followed was deafening and it lasted for very many hours. Then search for beloved ones began. We went back to the hotel and we could hear from the American radio that the presidential place had collapsed but luckily, the president was safe. No one around us had certainty pertaining to the whereabouts of his friends or relatives.

I thanked god for my friend, he was great though he had trouble walking but he managed to walk all the way to the hotel. He could not see me when he arrived because I was the tennis court. He came the following day with   his car so that he could take me to his mother’s house. While there, we went to see the house of one of his friends which was terribly cracked, leaving the guy in tears. The guy was a writer and before the earthquake, he had been rehearsing on a stage performance about an earthquake he was about to stage. He vowed never to stage the play again.

I later came to know that the place is called petionville.  Destruction in the town was so huge. I began to count the number of destroyed building s but then I stopped. Everywhere was littered with piles of dead bodies that those who survived lay them carefully along the roads. And covered them with cloths or papers. After the time that was silent, people went out and arranged themselves to repair by sealing the cracks that had impounded themselves on their houses. The poverty that the residents of this city showd are what I think gave them the energy to face such a situation. They crated energy through the city by helping, going to look for food. They could not show that they had been utterly killed; they gave the impression that the city was full of energy and life. They really inspired me and thanked god for their handling of the situation. The city would have remained dead if they had not been   there because the rich people in the town who had what was reacquired for survival stayed mostly indoors for the better part.

The entire Haiti country lost a lot of its people from the earthquake. The hospitals could not handle the victims. Roads were e beyond repair, buildings had been destroyed and management of the economy became impossible. Aftershocks that followed the earthquake caused a lot of trauma among the Haitians as people who had been   buried in dust crawled out of the debris, some injured, others uninjured. Women wailed helplessly. People who could not understand what had happened wandered along in streets while holding hands. People went to public squares after the night singing hymns that gave them consolation.


People felt the pain that Haiti was undergoing and were willing to donate aid but not as a dramatic gesture. Foreign countries offered humanitarian assistance of food, shelter and offering services like health.  The dead bodies were picked and buried and the whole city was cleared so as to avoid the spread of epidemics like cholera. However though, water for drinking became a problem as there was no gas or electricity to boil water. Haitians hoped a lot from the international community. They hope that they will be helped to reconstruct their broken city. This is an experience that i will   never forget in my life as it occurred so fast yet so disastrous and so real.



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