Free Custom «Community of Kelsey City» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Community of Kelsey City» Essay Paper

The city of Kelsey is described as a county that comprise of a diverse group of people. It is located along the South Coast in Florida. It has people from various parts of the world. It was started by Kelsey and it became a first organized community. It is widely known as a Palm Beach county a place that has people who have made countless contributions to the country. Its name later changed to Lake Park when Kelsey left town. Kelsey is a farm. It is a place whish according to Kelsey’s idea was to act as a source of vegetables for the beach resorts. It is therefore a community that is made up of entrepreneurs and farmers. It is well known for its whole year round production of vegetables. When some parts of Florida is covered with snow it depends on vegetables from Kelsey as the conditions do not allow planting of vegetables. 26 types of vegetables thrive in Lake Park.

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The community in Kelsey city have put up several special events that are used to enhance their values. Some of the events include: the archival evening, barefoot at the sea and scarecrow festival. There are also lectures on various important topics. All these essential events are carried out in various places to enhance their significance. Barefoot at the sea takes placemat the coast. It shows communalism and how important the coastal region is for their growth. Scarecrow festival is conducted in the farm.

The main responsibility of the people of Lake Park is to work towards continued survival of Kelsey and advancements in its diverse nature. It is important to keep up to the requirements that are essential in the continued viability of Kelsey. Individuals should aim at introducing farming programs that are environmental friendly since the community thrives in farming. The community is also responsible for the thriving of individuals within the community. It is made up of diverse groups of people and, therefore the community has a responsibility of maintaining programs that encourage cultural diversity. As an individual it is necessary to take the necessary steps to be socially responsible as it translates to growth and development in the city.


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