Free Custom «Chesapeake and New England» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Chesapeake and New England» Essay Paper

Chesapeake and New England were settlement regions for two sets of communities with diverse objectives for their new society. Entrepreneurs from Virginia Company, which was a joint-stock firm, colonized Chesapeake region. Every original settler had a share in the firm profiting equally from the new products. From the newly discovered land, they ventured America to find ways of earning money from the newly discovered land. On the other hand, Puritan faith members colonized the New England region originally. These members believed that enough reforms of the Church of England had not occurred, and they had turned into persecution victims in England. The Puritans did not look for ways to profit; but they wanted a new way of life far from troubles in England. The different ways of motivation shaped the functioning of the colonies and each developed in ways suiting their purpose.

The climate and land in the Chesapeake and New England regions were different. This led to difference in their social structure since each of the societies planted what suited their area leading to social structure differences. Chesapeake was swampy and thus typical crops did not do well; however, discovery was made that tobacco grew well five years after their arrival. Therefore, their economy developed by the growth of tobacco exported to England as a cash crop thereby maintaining strong ties with their mother country (Guisepi). Tobacco growth resulted in Chesapeake’s need of cheap labor; thus, they developed servitude where a person obtained free passage to America and in return worked in the farms for numerous years. As farms grew larger, there was a need in slaves whose owners grew wealthier in later periods. The New England was characterized by family farming with children providing labor rather than slaves. This is because the area was not well suited for large farming since the topography was long rolling hills, mountains, and jagged coastline. Therefore, most families had small farms or home-based industries that traded within themselves (Kulikoff 67). Slavery was undeveloped in the New England as families had enough workers on their small businesses. Slavery proved to be the main difference between the two regions.

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Another difference between the two colonies was the social make up. Initially, men settled in Chesapeake beginning with adventure seekers and businesspersons, then servants and slaves who were willing to work in the new country. The work was difficult and diseases were widespread in the area; these led to lower life expectancy than that of New England. The society was very unstable because of the diseases and difficult work. The individuals were shipped to keep the population constant (Guisepi). 

Demographic makeup of Chesapeake differed from that of New England. Families migrated together where they grew naturally and prospered together, which balanced and made a society stable. They lived happily, as they practiced their religion in a healthy, stable colony by emphasizing their religion and homestead matters. Chesapeake and New England regions differed mostly because of the settlers. Men settled in Chesapeake hoping to find wealth whereas those escaping persecution hoping to live a simple new life settled in New England. They both grew different crops as their climates varied. Therefore, each society developed unique lifestyle and economy. Both settlers capitalized on the different opportunities presented to them and created two dissimilar societies, which were functional and successful. Given the differences above, these two groups became increasingly different. 


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