Free Custom «Canadian Shield Economic Activities» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Canadian Shield Economic Activities» Essay Paper

Mining of gold, diamonds and tin among other metals is a fundamental economic activity that has employed high human geography resources along the old volcano Canadian Shaft that extends from Canada to the United States. The Canadian Shield is the nucleus of North America and Canada in the mining industry. The plateau that covers half of the southern Canada stretches into North America including the great lakes to the Arctic Ocean while extending to the United States as Adirondack Mts. and the Superior Highlands. The great Canadian Shelf that is between 305m and 610 m above sea level is identified by thin soil cover and exposed Archaean-age rock with low lying mountains due to repeated erosion (Pearson Education, 2007).

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Gold mines were established in the Ontario region of Canada along the Canadian Shelf in the early 1900s together with diamonds, tin and Uranium element that become important during and after the Second World War. The United States affected the mining mission in Canada by setting a fixed Gold price of $ 35 per troy ounce in 1934 thus encouraging mineral exploration in the Canadian Shelf. Mineral mining economic activity suffered during the Second World War leading to closure of most of the mining fields-save for mining of Chromite, manganese, tin and tungsten that is virtual unexplored in the North American mining fields. The United States neutrality stance during the 1939 war led much of the Canadian gold losing its value since the country had to pay for the war supplies either through gold or the US dollar. Thus the Canadian Shelf land was leased to the United States and Canadian corporate that maintained the mining field to facilitate the war materials and thus after the war many companies closed their mining field due to poor pay since the $ 35 fixed price had progressively lost value due to the war (Euroamerican Data, 2006).

In conclusion the Canadian Shelf is a viable economic ground that is yet fully exploited for the benefit of the North America and South Canada. While mining affects the natural orientation thus upsetting ecological balances, mining can be supplemented with rehabilitation of land and water resources in order to preserve the special geographical feature to the future generations.


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