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An Artifact in Egypt

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The Narmer Palette is an artifact found in Egypt and is the subject of the research. The research is conducted from the perspective that art is a continuation of the practical. Even though often it is very difficult to determine what was the intention for certain item creation, it is possible, however, to make a judgment about its purpose from a context of the timing the item was created, history and views of that day society. The society often sets the context for things’ décor, if any. However, personal experience of the craftsman and his own view on life is the essential element in the art piece creation. It is often the case with the historical items that they are difficult to place into single specific category – either it is an art piece or a practical item. So it is the case with Narmer Palette, the artifact from Ancient Egypt dated 31 century BC. It was found during excavations in the end of 19th century. The Palette is an artifact the meaning and the purpose of which is still argued about. On one hand it has a very practical purpose – an offering gift of one High person to the other. It was a gift of honor too. At the same time, in addition to this very practical application the item has a cultural meaning as well. There are scenes from Pharaoh’s life and history presented; his name is inscribed in the Palette; the Palette is made in the traditional Egypt style out of materials customary used by that-time craftsmen. Their fine work is amazing. The Palette has valuable historical meaning and insight. There are pictures and hieroglyphs, signs and engravings that tell the story of the times of creation of Narmer Palette. It preserved the information manuscripts would not be able to. It bares the witness of major historical event – unification of Egypt.

From being merely an item for a specific practical use, the Narmer Palette developed into a valuable art object that bares important information for the contemporary viewers and scholars. 

Buy custom An Artifact in Egypt essay paper cheap

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