Free Custom «African Geographies» Essay Paper

Free Custom «African Geographies» Essay Paper


African binderies were determined largely by the European colonists who divided the African continent into many units of administration which would make the colonists have an easy way of sharing the continent. The continent has very many countries small in size. The current African boundaries were inherited from the European colonizers and there has been very little change in the boundaries of these countries after the European powers left the continent. In fact, the organization of African union has made the members sign an agreement which states that the boundaries will remain as they were during the time of their independence. This is to show that the African continent was divided by the external powers but has remained with those boundaries even up to today. In addition to remaining with those bounders, the countries have also put structures in place to ensure that the countries do not change their borders.

The African continent has also been divided according to the geographical position of the continent. For example, we have the sub-Saharan Africa which refers to the countries of Africa which are along the sub-Saharan region, the medittarenean Africa which refers to the countries in the northern part of the continent. The continent has some rivers and big lakes which form boundaries of various countries. For example, there is Lake Victoria which forms the boundary between Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania. Thus, the environment has provided very important landmarks which have been used as the distinguishing factor between different countries in Africa. The continent has also large rivers which crisscross it. This rivers are however not very good for use as water transport. It is only river Nile which a boat can ride for the whole of its course. This has made the places which appear interior not to open to the outside world. This is because in the old days at the start of the industrial revolution, water was the main means of transport and countries which lacked good water bodies to communicate with the outside world have been left behind. In addition, the colonial masters concentrated more in opening the territory they are occupying through the sea. Thus, a country would have a seas port to connect it with the main land of their colonial master but fail to connect two African states. This led to the divided nature of the African continent. The colonial masters divided the continent into very small units. As a result, the countries are small which might be a reason as to why the continent is lagging behind. However, some people have argued against this, citing Sudan which is a very large country but quite unstable. However, countries like south Africa which are large are very stable and have got a lot of development.

After independence, the African countries thought the issue of nationalism was the same as nation building. Therefore most of the African leaders concluded that development needed unity of the whole country. They also believed that unity was not possible if there were multiparty elections. This resulted in the banning of the many political parties in most of the African states after independence. The leaders were pursuing two goals which were similar; the development and the nation building. This pursuit however led to the death of the political debates and freedom of the people. The authorities insisted that development needed one country which is united. Therefore, multiparty politics would have negative effects on the country, leading to on e party states. This led to the military coups resulting in dictatorial governments. It also led to civil authoritarian regimes in which the people were politically suppressed. These were characterized by the boundaries which were left by the colonist after subdividing the continent into very many countries.

Africans were regarded as a lesser race than the European people. The Europeans who had colonized Africa believed that they were superior to the rest of the races which were found in Africa. They made the Africans believe that it was the Europeans who deserved the first priority in everything. Ever since that time, Africans have become obsessed with the white people. Africans have a belief that the Europeans are the best people. When Africans have a problem, they are always running to the European countries because they have been made by the Europeans to believe that they are the best. This has even made the Africans not to like their own goods. Usually, an African would buy goods from a European company while at the same time, there is an African selling the same goods. Therefore, Africans can be said to have developed some believe that the Europeans are the better people than them. Scientific racism has led to the African countries being unable to value themselves. Africans do not feel like they are worthy or they can do something. They always feel that the white men are able to do everything and that they should allow them to do everything on their behalf.

Africa had a way of passing down their stories to the young people. This allowed the people to pass down the stories about their origin and their culture from one generation to another. People used to have sessions of storytelling in the evenings in which the old men would assemble the young children in order to talk about some stories in Africa. The morals of the society were passed to the children during such times. In addition, the society was able to pass down its history to the people using such stories. There were different ways of passing a story, including the use of poems, narratives and myths. These were very important in the transmission of the important values of the society thus ensuring that the young people got the message. The young people on the other hand transmitted their information in the same way.

The African continent has been regarded as a dark continent because its people have not been able to have their own stories heard. Although civilization started in Africa, Africa has been said to be lagging behind. This perception has been there because the colonial powers colonized Africa, making them loose their identity. As a result, there has been division of Africans and they cannot even speak with the same voice.

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The Europeans arrived in Africa and began dividing the continent for themselves. The different European nations were eager to get some part of Africa and thus they divided the African land among themselves. This resulted in the current boundaries which are evident in the continent. The European scramble for Africa was guided by the presence of minerals and good agricultural land. They wanted to settle in areas which were productive in agriculture so that they would be able to export the agriculture products to their own nations. In addition, they wanted to occupy those territories which were rich in minerals thus getting an advantage of getting the minerals and exporting to their countries. The powerful nations were fighting to occupy the most productive land while not being much interested in the dry areas of the continent.

In some areas, the Africans welcomed the Europeans in the beginning. However, with time, there was a growing believe that the Europeans were not for the good of the African communities. Different tribes of African countries united to fight the Europeans. The Europeans had taken over the land and forced the people to do hard labour without pay. Africans decided to fight them and reclaim their land. There were very many uprisings in the continent which resulted to independence. Africans became more aggressive after the world wars in which those who had gone to participate in such wars and were lucky to come back home had received the adequate training in fighting. They therefore decided to fight for independence. The colonization of Africa brought civilization into the continent and stopped some of the atrocities committed by the Arabs such as slave trade. It also brought Christianity to the region so that the continent had two new religions, one from the Arabs, the Muslim and the other from the Europeans, the Christianity. Africa is not properly represented in media. There is a lot of oppression of the media in many African countries. In addition, Africa does not own the big international media houses such as CNN or BBC. There is therefore little information about Africa in the outside world.



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