Free Custom «Writing Tips» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Writing Tips» Essay Paper


Writing is an important mode of communication. The ability to pass on information appropriately is a well sort service. This therefore means that the quality of papers delivered is an important aspect of the same. The mode of presentation and the simple clarity of the points stated by the author contribute towards the quality of the paper. As a writer and having gained some skills towards the development of a quality paper, the following is some tips for writing good essays.

What worked well in helping you develop the paper and organize the paper?


Presentation represents the organization of the paper and the arrangement of sentences. Writers have over the years developed different presentation styles. These include APA, MLA CHICAGO and Harvard. Using these presentation styles one can comfortably organize the points in the paper. The main purpose of using the same is to ensure readability of the text by proper indentation and allocation of word spaces. The quality of the paper highly depends on its presentation.

Choice of wording

The choice of words can either limit or allow for proper communication. Using words appropriately creates a link between the writer and the reader. In this, formal wording as opposed to informal language helps come up with a quality piece. Words considered as informal are good when it comes to creating a comfortable environment for communication but their application in writing lowers the quality of work.

The Arrangement of Ideas

Proper arrangement of ideas and their flow helps in the organization of the paper and the quality of the paper. This helps the reader in comprehending the information used in the text making communication between the two very easy. A well-written piece should have its ideas well organized in a manner that offers concrete succession between the ideas. The flow and transition between different ideas forms a basis of distinction for writers. Proper collaboration of words aids in the paper’s implementation helping in the delivery of points and different concepts in the paper.

What did not help the successful development or writing of your paper?

Lack of Consideration of the Audience

Different audiences have different levels of understanding in different areas. The inconsideration of these factors leads to poor wording techniques. This puts into considerations that different target groups have different jargon words which if used inappropriately makes the text incomprehensible. It also means that the text is not interesting to the reader lowering the quality of the paper.  (Blake, 1995, p. 170)

What support resources did you use in preparing your paper?

Research methodologies highly determine the content in the paper. This therefore means that the use of proper sources and their citation in the text appreciates the quality of the paper. Use of online journals helped in the placement of objective points in the paper. In these, the writer finds relevant information and the latest edition, as there are regular updates. This translates to better work pieces. Research companies that specialize in information dispatch also offer various relevant periodicals. The use of these sources ensures that the quality archived balances with relevant and timely information from accountable sources.

What support resources not used could have been helpful?

Encyclopedias store large chunks of information from different sources and of different content. They are therefore relevant in the comparison of information derived from different sources. Online encyclopedias also contain information that is continually reviewed and this therefore means that the information retrieved from the same is relevant and of importance to the subject matter. The use of encyclopedias as source citations therefore ensures the reception of quality work pieces.

What barriers did you encounter in completing the paper?

The level of understanding for a particular topic highly determines the quality of work delivered in the paper. An inadequate understanding of the subject matter for the paper sometimes becomes a challenge to writers when the topic is new. This therefore dictates that the quality of paper delivered strongly depends on the authors’ ability to write in relevance to the subject requested.



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