Free Custom «Writing Activity» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Writing Activity» Essay Paper

Explain briefly, what you already knew about this topic just from the title

That choosing the sex of the baby is possible with the use of advanced method that allows the doctors to know the embryo of a specific sex (Roen 2008, p 10). The exercise may not be very effective but it is very expensive. It assumed that the most expensive method of determining sex is in most cases accurate.

In a brief paragraph, explain what you did before you read this text. Did you skim it?

Skimming a text is the first thing before embarking on in-depth reading. This enabled me to have a general idea on the content of the text. My main objective was to familiarize myself with the outline and the supporting information. I found it very useful as it enabled me to have a little understanding of what the text entails.

Annotate the first paragraph

Possibilities are there of choosing the sex of the baby before conceiving. Many couples have used the same in the past and they have succeeded. When one conceives, the possibility of having a boy or a girl is 50/50. When the method of determining is used, chances of getting a baby of one’s choice are raised by 25%. The method has been there for over 100 years (Roen 2002, p 19).

Finally, jot down your answers to the following post-reading questions, providing no more than two sentences for each response.

What was your initial reaction and response to this text?

The reaction was positive because the text gives information on matters regarding humanity. The information is simple and easy to understand. Anybody interested can grab something from the text.

What was the main idea you learned from working through this text?

That giving points without justifying them using examples may not help the reader much. In the text, many examples have been provided making it easy to understand.

Did you learn anything that surprises or interests you?

It was interesting to learn that one must understand how nature chooses sex in order to select sex of a child. It is also interesting to learn that sex a few days before ovulation leads to giving birth to a girl. It is equally interesting that sex at the onset of ovulation produces a boy.

In what ways does the information in this text reinforce or contradict other texts you have read or what you know from your own experience?

There is a contradiction of information on how to give birth to a boy. For instance, I read in another text that upon the release of sperms, they Y-chromosomes have a long life than X chromosomes. Due to this, sex a few days before ovulation will result into a boy and not a girl.

What questions do you still have about this text?

I only have one question. Has any research been carried out to determine the validity of the information in it?



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