Free Custom «Working and Studying» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Working and Studying» Essay Paper

Draut analysis serves as an eye opener to many college students who are doing part time jobs besides learning. However, in some situations like that one of Shaney, it is because of circumstances and not her own making. If a student comes from a humble background, it is hard to raise fees for college education. In addition, even if a student gets an education loan from the government, it does not cover all the expenses. Over time, the student finds it hand to cope up with college life without money (Roen p 168). The only solution left is to work alongside attending school. Draut’s analysis also points on student’s performance in the long run. It hurts to see students who were admitted in universities with good grades graduating with poor grades that cannot even allow them a place in the job market.

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Draut is trying to prove that, unless something is done, colleges will only be producing quacks and not professionals. It is extremely difficult to work and at the same time attend lectures. The result is that, students opt to work at the expense of their studying time. Equally important to note is that, the long working hours on top of college education is to blame for many college drop outs today (Roen p 170). On the flip side, the number of students who are earning bachelors has remained stagnant for the same reasons. Draut analysis should also serve as a warning to the society and especially the government and parents. Parents should work hard to give their children all what they need to study comfortably. It should not be that the student is straining to get money for school fees. The government should offer loans which are comfortable to pay and one that caters for all the expenses. It is evident that, the $25, 000 which was given to Shaney did not help a lot and she ended up graduating into one of the worst job markets (Roen p 169).


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