Free Custom « Why you Should Be Considered for a Scholarship» Essay Paper

Free Custom « Why you Should Be Considered for a Scholarship» Essay Paper

A scholarship is a financial aid award for a student to further education. The criteria which have been presented this year made me to apply for scholarship (Tanabe and Kelly, 2008). I am quite confident about my personal skills. I am hard working and always sincere to my work. I am mature, independent and self disciplined kind of a person. My mother had to do a lot of work just the sake of my education.

I have experienced so many hard situations due to which today I am much confident about myself that I can handle and cope with every kind of situation. My personal skills include the leadership, decision making and risk taking are the skills which distinguish me from others. I can respond to every stimulus very quickly and mostly makes the right decision. I have read unlimited number of books which have influenced my life very much.

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They have increased my sight of vision and have got knowledge to a great extent. The most difficult time of my life was when I was apart from my mother. That was the thing which has developed the sense of responsibility upon me. Living apart from my mother for studying was my great experience from which I have learnt very much. My mother have a lot of expectation from me and to fulfill them I have maintained studies and myself in such a way that today I think that I am eligible for the scholarship. Apart from my life experiences, I am good in my studies. I always get highest marks in the class and have sustained my position. I have an excellent judgment power and can easily judge that what is wrong and what is right for me.

I devote my maximum time to my education as it always has been my first preferences. According to me, it is the greatest attribute which ensures that I am very efficient for this scholarship. For getting the scholarship, the criteria which have been given are exactly the one which I have got. I personally think that I have got all the skills and attributes which make them eligible for the scholarship.


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