Free Custom «War and peace in Babylon» Essay Paper

Free Custom «War and peace in Babylon» Essay Paper

War and peace are two aspects of human life that will continue to co-exist as long human civilization continue to exist on the face of the earth. The subject of war and peace has been capture in various literary works. Writers have played a crucial role in revealing the impact of these concepts on humans not to mention detailing their influence on various groups located in society. Television series has taken part in indicating that human have to contend in making war and peace, which is a vital process that affect the existence of humanity (Keyes 67). There is no doubt science fiction television has centered on the issue of war and peace as one of their themes. Today, there are many science televisions series with spectacular episodes recounting of the two extremes affecting humanity—war and peace. One of the oldest science fiction television series—Babylon 5—provides a better understanding of the influence of war and peace in humans, as well as their impact on other human process. Through the episodes of the Babylon 5, Michael Straczynski, the produce and writer of the series, has focused on highlighting the notion that war and peace co-exist and that conflicts will never end, but keep recurring.

The first season of Babylon 5 starts at a time when the human aboard the space station are at war with the Minbari who are fighting them. In what appears to be a battle of titans, the Minbari is keen in fighting and taking over the human race and wiping them out of earth. Indeed, this is one of the deadly conflicts in which, aliens overtake humans and nearly end their humans civilization. In this episode of the television series, it is evident that humans are not always ready for war not to mentioning being happy with fights. In the same episode, the Minbari succeed in capturing the commander of Babylon 5 is the Minbari take as a captive. This capture ends the war between the two warring sides after the Minbari believe that they were reincarnating as humans. Being the first episode of the televisions series, it is crucial to note that the produce reveals that potent of war, given that humans had suffered massive loss from the war. In addition, the humans were hopeless because Jeffrey Sinclair –their commander was in captivity. Similar to any philosophical meaning of literary works, the first episodes reveal that war is not an option for human to pursue, but one to escape. With the discovery that Minbari are reincarnating, the Minbari ends the onslaught on humans, just at the brink of their annihilation. The sudden turn of events, underscore the value of life is a crucial factor that allows peace to prevail and not war, for the Minbari’s believed that humans had their souls. This event best illustrates the role of relationships in fueling peace and tranquility between warring communities.

The second episode of Babylon 5 begins with the replacement of Captain Sinclair by John Sheridan who comes and takes over the station and commands the officers on board the station. Soon, Clark masterminds an assassination attempt the results in the death of the president, and this paves way for him to enter into the office of the presidency. Even when this assassination reveal the deep tension between the president and Clark who are hungry for power, it goes on to show that war or conflicts are chiefly due to individuals interest in power and positions in the society. Similar, the televisions series gives a clear display of what people expect from the society where people are hungry for power and end up assassination those in power. For instance, Babylon 5 presents a tricky situation that is facing many people including the United States given the impact of political assassination of leaders like President John F. Kennedy. Other events in the episode add to the possibilities of war arising from many reasons such as the rise of new threats. As an illustration, the play gives a clear example of how the rises of human control through telepathy bring out tension and eventual conflicts. In the space station, the humans have a decision to make about accepting registration with the Psi Corps. Most notable the conflicts between varying interest groups in the episode indicate the impact of various interest groups in creating tension that culminate to war. Further, the unfolding scene in the second episode reveals that sharp challenges facing the as they choose to subscribe to interest groups or not. In this episode, it is clear that war that the human experience thereafter is because of personal ambitions and craving for power.

The third episode of Babylon 5 reveals increased tensions between mars, earth, and Babylon 5. The causes of these tensions are of immense importance to the understanding of how political groups have influence over on another. In this episode, President Clark creates a government that is extremely barbaric to its people, often leading to deaths of innocent civilians. In addition, the Clark administration set up an accident, which it uses as an accident to justify their attempt to control Mars by using martial Laws. The Clark administration designed these laws after they set up an accident, which gave them an opportunity to justify the need of controlling the people of Mars. Surprisingly, the people of Mars prepare for a war in order to declare their independence from the hands of the Clark administration. Because of existing, but strained relationship between earth and other substations, the Mars believed that had reasons to declare their independence from earth, which had become insensitive to the needs. Babylon 5 has the same experience after some of its occupants attempted to declare independence from the earth, as well.

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This episode is rich with experiences of how tensions and authoritarian leadership act as a recipe for tension that can lead to war (Hahn and Bruce 12). As the episodes indicate, nations can experience tensions when other nations attempt to influence their existence. In the episode, it is clear that the Clark administration aimed at declaring control of Mars and Babylon 5 by overriding the laws in these entities. Indeed, the resulting tension and rebellion in Babylon 5 clearly show the harm of tensions. This episode reflects the theme of war by addressing some of the circumstances that act as push factors and catalyst for tensions and wars. Another event in this episode was the nuclear blast that Captain Sheridan cause after he failed to recruit people into his army. While attempting to recruit new followers, Captain Sheridan commanding Babylon 5 failed to convince the people of Zhadum, who lived in one of the Shadows cities. After failing in his quest, Captain Sheridan had an option of detonating a nuclear bomb and escaping the blast thereafter (Whitaker 90). This scene in this episode is a reminiscence of the challenges that people face when it comes to pulling allegiance and influence of certain entities or political groups. True, some of the world leaders have turned out to be barbaric after failing to woo others and make them accept the influence. The theme of war is clear, and the recent uprisings in Arab states illustrate how these episodes mirror the act of those in power. Indeed, War, can be caused by vengeance especially when those in power make every attempt to remain in power and using their military capabilities to crush rebellion and create fear in people.

The fourth episodes details several conflicts as well as alliances that reveal the extent at, which people can work together to preserve peace. In this episode, a group called Vorlons joins the Shadow war and initiates attacks on other planets that had influence from the Shadows. Those abroad Babylon 5 do not take this occurrence lightly, but start developing counter measures to prevent the destructions of other similar planets that do not subscribe or pledge allegiance to the Vorlons. Because of this, the Vorlons starts equipping themselves with weapons and other military arsenal as a response to the growing threats. However, this episode reveals changes in tact as the Babalon 5 and Mars begin working together towards creating order in the worlds. To achieve this, Sheradin, the Captain of Babylon 5 begins to create new forces that will create resistance against the barbaric government of President Clark (Graw 45). In a rare display of how the alliance valued peace, Mars and Babylon 5 form a join force that makes them defeat president Clark who then commits suicide because of his defeat. Rather than having a dictatorial like that of President Clark, the winning alliance creates a democratic state that respects the independence of Mars and that of Babylon 5. Most important, the war represents a move by the human colonies to free themselves from president Clark grips. Indeed, the independence of Mars and other earth colonies indicates that people can achieve peace at all cost. Nonetheless, the war and the final independence of Babylon 5 paves way for the establishment of an independent law enforcement team called the Rangers (Lancaster 24). The coming of the rangers coincided with the resignation of Captain Sheridan from Babylon 5 station and his appointment as the president of the earth. At this point, it is clear that peace is a process and requires the collective input of many groups that will end up using their resources and making other sacrifices, as well. The creation of a force to police the universe is similar to the world attempt to create a unified law enforcement body, aimed at ensuring the world is at peace. This episode illustrates the reasons why bodies like the United State came into existence.

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In conclusion, Babylon 5 television series illustrate two extremes of life –war and peace. In its episodes, the television series provides details of the fight between earth and its colonies that are against the dictatorial rule of President Clark who assassinated the seating president to take over power. Details of war and alliance, the episodes illustrate the role of people working together to create a world where they are independent. Indeed, the ultimate defeat of President Clark and the rise of democratic rule underscore the value of peace and not war.



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