Free Custom «Walden University » Essay Paper

Free Custom «Walden University » Essay Paper

The Walden University aims to promote online learning in a novel yet effective way where students and faculty interact in a virtual learning environment. The essence of the programs at Walden University is that they preserve the flexibility of distant learning while at the same time keeping alive the spirit of classroom education. In order to achieve this goal, the underlying educational framework has been designed to facilitate different stakeholders to contribute towards the achievement of there shared learning objectives. The procedures and processes are being continuously improved with feedback from students or faculty and are flexible enough to be modified and accommodated according to the specific needs and changes with time.

The Walden University’s processes are designed by focusing on its values of continuous and objective learning. To encourage substantive learning Walden promotes integrity, non-discrimination and professionalism among students and faculty as its core values. The University helps the students with their course work by providing access to readily updated databases and other kind of research material on its online library. Besides, the online writing centre provides writing support to students in drafting different kind of reports, assignments or thesis. Students can get help and feedback from the writing centre during the course of semester. The University’s research centre is another great source of help for the students. The research centre provides guidance to the students in conducting various kinds of research and deal with certain ethical and procedural aspects of research. The aim is to support students in adding value to their own work as well as that of the research centre. The objective of all these is to promote substantive learning that is beneficial not only to the students and Walden University only but also to the community at large.

The University has instituted certain policies to make the online learning more effective and productive. The course registration, assignment submission and instructor feedback are very compactly defined so as to achieve the learning objectives in a timely and effective manner. The students are required to take part in online discussions so as to create a collaborative learning environment. The essence of this program is that students and faculty should endeavor to achieve discussion based educational learning by leveraging the use of online technologies to add value and substance to the learning process. Such educational programs can help students in broadening their horizons through interactive study sessions that promotes innovative thinking of solutions to issues and problems. By creating an environment of substantive learning and education, Walden University is helping its students grow educationally while the communities from where its students and faculty belong also benefit.



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