Free Custom «Utilizing Community Resources» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Utilizing Community Resources» Essay Paper

Before planning to start a project in a community based on a resource, it is advisable that one conducts a research on the availability of the resources in that community. This is done by several methods which include

1) Exploration, 2) Survey, and 3) Historical information

The main body of the resources includes energy and matter. In my community’s case, energy constitutes hydropower and wind energy. There is a waterfall in a river passing through our neighborhood, and we usually experience strong winds. Secondly, matter includes minerals, water for irrigation, materials for construction and soil, wildlife and ecosystem services. These resources can be harnessed for the benefit of society members, particularly preschoolers.

After collection of results on the resources available in the community, it is very important to keep the families informed and aware of them.

Before making any of the findings public, it is advisable to consider the following;

a)      Quantity of the resource

This will help you to consider whether to inform the community about the quantity, because it may not be of any use if it is of very small quantity e.g. small wells of oil may not be of importance to announce as one of your findings.

b)      Accessibility

Some resources are found or occur in very inaccessible places, hostile communities, and remote areas. The resource is of value if extracted and processed within its source rather than being transported for processing. Some dwellers in a community could be very hostile and may never tolerate the resource extraction.

c)      Economic value

For any resource to be considered of being important, it should be of economic value to society, otherwise it would mean time wasting to pursue it. You will need to breakdown on the economic significance of any resource, if possible, and then the project can be planned for. Taking for example water economy, it is controlled by its accessibility, cost, and re-use from water programs.

d)      Communication

After the research, it is very important to know what methods to use in order to reach many members of the community and inform them on the resources in the area. This may be from schools or holding meetings. One should consider illiteracy and advanced ages for an appropriate method to be chosen.

e)      Environment and ecosystem

The community may have surrounding forest and wildlife. Programs on tree conservation may be advised and game reserves introduced which may result in an economy boost in the community. After all the tasks on creating resource awareness, it is important to propose for a project which the community members can work on leading to benefits. Many residents may not understand the importance of a resource in the community unless everything is put in practice and is well done by a project work (Holmes & Cooper, 2005). I propose that they should build good preschool facilities and allocate more funds from the proceeds of the available resources to pre-schooling education programs.

All society members would benefit from the harnessing of the energy and material resources available in my community. A part of the money gotten from extraction of minerals can be invested in hospitals where medical services could be provided to people suffering from domestic violence, mental health, and substance abuse. Children with identified disabilities can also be supplied with wheelchairs by utilizing the proceeds the community gets from the resources.

Proper exploitation of the resources can be helpful in setting up the infrastructure needed for youngsters’ effective learning. Preschoolers need the best immediate environment and, in view of this, the resources in my community can be channeled towards ensuring the best caregivers and instructors are hired for the children. Money is also needed to provide the children with ample learning materials. I also think the children can gain a lot of educational experience by touring the wildlife and ecosystem sanctuaries in our community.   

As the preschoolers grow and learn, the immediate environment they are exposed to nurtures them. A poor environment makes them get poor outlook of life from a tender age, therefore, it should be avoided. Since the children need to feel love, safety, and care, the resources available should be utilized to accord them the necessary material facilities and services. Doing this would provide the children with the optimum conditions for development of social, physical, language, and emotional aspects (Barresi, n.d.). The good experience children have when young is likely to make them more willing to use the available resources wisely when they grow up. 



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