Free Custom «University Services» Essay Paper

Free Custom «University Services» Essay Paper

Fr. Arrupe in his quote meant that the university offers service that goes beyond any one expectation. The university is dedicated in serving it clients to the best of their ability without any compromise. It is their ultimate objective to give out the best in the service delivery in all area that touches on the students. They want to serve their student well such that once they finish their studies they will have all the required skill and knowledge to serve diligent in their areas of specialization. The quote is founded on the objective of achieving success both in serving the student during their learning period and makes them refine to serve well in their career once they leave the university.

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Professionalism is all about diligence in service delivery in the field. The university is therefore obliged to ensures that its student are imparted enough skill and knowledge that would enable them to serve better beyond their personal mandated obligation. The university wants its student to be able to serve without any reservation of their ability. In the quote Fr. Arrupe wants to bring out the commitment of the university in serving student well and he want the student in the same way to go outside the field and serve better than they served them while in the university.

The competiveness is the center stage of every career in the field. The trick behind any success is the ability to make scarify on behalf of the clients by serving in better way than competitor. This is the sentiment of Kottler who is a renowned management scholar. According to him success is all about creating a competitive edge that out way the competitor. Competitive edge comes through the diligence of the employees. The Fr. Arrupe quote seems to have a connection to the Kottlers to give out the best as a university. They want its student to be competent enough to serve better than any other person from any other university.


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