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University Education

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‘You should work harder to get good grades that will book a place for you at the university.’ My mother used to tell my siblings and I since we were young. However, they never explained why it was so important to go to the university. I worked very hard in school hoping that I will accomplish my mother’s wish. I went to the extent of looking at the courses offered in different universities believing that one day I would get the chance to join one of them. I assumed that, with a degree from the university, I would have a successful career and become famous. I later came to realize that university education has more important benefits than those that I had assumed before; these benefits are not related with financial gains.

I have realized that university education is a process through which a person is exposed to the real life. This exposure enables a person to develop their character. The freedom to express ones feelings is limited in high schools. This freedom is fully exploited in the university enabling a person to build their character and discover what they can do best. University education is a chance for many young people to leave home and start a life away from the control of parents. This forces a person to be responsible in the things he does.

University education enables a person to be exposed to different people. This will be helpful when one is looking for a job. He or she will know how to behave around his employers and his colleagues. However, one should work hard to ensure that his behavior matches his grades. This is because you cannot use your behavior to qualify for a job and one cannot get a job and not know how to relate with those around him.

The reason why I want to join this institution is that it will help me develop not only my character, but also help me get a good degree that will land me a good job.

Buy custom University Education essay paper cheap

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