Free Custom «Undergraduate Education at Kean University» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Undergraduate Education at Kean University» Essay Paper

I have a keen interest in pursuing my undergraduate studies at Kean University to enable me to participate effectively in the new global business arena. My desire to be involved professionally in the area of international business influenced my choice for a major in International Business. I am fluent in Chinese and English, which are probably the two most important languages in the emerging world of business. With this background, I feel that an undergraduate qualification in International Business will position me effectively for productive participation in the business world. One of the reasons for my interest in studying at Kean University is the desire for training in a world-class institution having a cross-cultural heritage. Others are, professional positioning for effective participation in the emerging world economy with my homeland China as an important participant and the enriching experience of studying in the world’s strongest economy having the most enviable experience in international trade.

In order to achieve the goal of becoming a professional in the field of international business, I need the best education possible provided in an atmosphere that recognizes the importance of global thinking. One of the key aspects of a strong foundation for professional development is high quality training. Kean has a rich history spanning over one and a half century and is a recognized provider of quality education in the state of New Jersey. In addition, the need to think and operate globally is a prerequisite for effective participation in the economy of tomorrow. The ideal institution should provide the opportunity for interaction with faculty and students from all over the world in order to hone cross-cultural skills. This must be in an environment that promotes openness and dialogue, which are necessary values in an increasingly globalised world. Kean University espouses these ideals. This makes it a priority institution for meeting the need of competitive training in International Trade

My homeland China has risen to international prominence in the last decade it has attained recognition as a manufacturing and business hub. Many countries all over the world do their production in china. This includes both developed and developing countries. The reason is that the Chinese economy has incentives that make it more competitive to do production in china compared to other countries. This has led to the need for professionals who are well versed in the rudiments of international trade to facilitate business between China and the world. The volume of trade continues to grow steadily, which means that the demand for skilled professionals in the field of international trade continues to grow.

Kean University is located in the United States, which is a very important trading partner for China. The U.S. is has very admirable economy and provides the best place on earth to study international trade. It has some of the most modernized trading systems with accompanying trade relations with almost all the countries in the world. Its people espouse a very strong work ethic, which for generations has made the US stand apart in international trade. Hand in hand with this, the U.S. boasts some of the best universities on earth in any field. There is a unique class of academia in America. Studying at Kean university will provide me with an opportunity to experience the American trading system which defines international trade in many respects, and be shaped by some of the best brains behind the business thinking of America.

In addition to the business aspects, international trade requires understanding of the different cultures of the world. As the world becomes increasingly smaller, it is crucial for professionals to understand the cultural impacts of their involvement. Kean University boasts of an international student community drawn from all over the globe. The opportunity to study at Kean is an opportunity to interact with these students and by extension their cultures. Every professional in international trade yearns for this kind of experience.



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