Free Custom «Time Management » Essay Paper

Free Custom «Time Management » Essay Paper

Time management

This is the learning to come up with decisions about matters that are vital to human beings in the right time and acting upon them when it is more appropriate to do so.
Objectives of managing time

1.To control one’s  your live.

2.To enhance a happy and healthier life.

One should clearly set his objectives of managing the time such as controlling his life and enhancing a happy and healthier life and then adapt the time management tips in order to ensure correct management of the available time.

The time management tips

The time management tips include

1.Being well organized

2.Planning for future

3.Prioritizing the tasks The time management tips cont.

1.Practicing effective study skills

2.Avoiding the overloading

3.Having a clear vision

Management tips cont

1. Being well organized

•Having organized work places.

•Making use of time saving  tools.

•Regular use of the appointment calendars.

•Making use of  “to do” lists.

2. Planning for future

•Determine the time taken by tasks.

•Consider the combination of some tasks.

•Consider the breaking down of some big tasks.

3. Prioritizing the tasks

•Use the task rating system.

•Set goals for what to be accomplished.

•Weigh the time requirement of tasks in the

•“to do” list.

4. Practicing effective study skills

•Having a good study environment.

•Splitting large tasks to manageable ones.

•Comprehending the important concepts.

5. Avoiding the overloading

•Create time for resting and physical activities.

•Take breaks.

•Complete everything in time.

•Avoid postponing of tasks.

6. Having a clear vision

•Have the big picture in mind.

•Follow the personal mission statement.

•Do what is more important to you.

•Develop a positive attitude.

7. Being flexible

•Prepare to fit into unexpected situations.

•Know how to rearrange your schedule when required.


The most important thing that graduate students are supposed to have in mind is that there is never enough time to accomplish all that is required and they should adapt the time management tips in order to ensure correct management of the available time when they are outside the college.



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