Free Custom «The Best Assessment Methods » Essay Paper

Free Custom «The Best Assessment Methods » Essay Paper

Education has been in existence for the longest time. All this time there has been different ways that have been employed by different people across the world to determine the effectiveness of the method of study that is used. The evaluation to get to know the extent of reach of a particular way of study and its relevance to those in the system is relevant in that it is the only way by which a method of study can be evaluated. The evaluation is important since it paves the way for both the teachers and the students alike to know how they are progressing in terms of gaining knowledge and even on what level of studying they should be in. Evaluations are important tools especially today since the world has become very dynamic and changes are thus supposed to be made frequently to ensure that any study method used remains relevant in the ever changing world. It is also very important for a parent to know exactly what kind of an education their child is getting to enables them prepare adequately for their future. It is thus the responsibility of both parents and teachers to keep in touch with the prevailing and frequently changing environment to ensure that their child gets the best education possible for the future.

            Education and studying also involves the use and adaption of good and effective evaluation methods. These have been important for the longest time throughout history since they are the only measures that can truly show and tell of the progress that children in school are making in terms of gainful understanding of syllabus.  Curriculum-Based Evaluations are best defined by Deno (1987) as "any set of measurement and procedures that use direct observation and recording of a student’s performance in a local curriculum as a basis for gathering information to make instructional decisions". One of the best assessment methods is by the application of Curriculum Based Assessment methods. This is a method that is great for the younger children especially those in Grades 1 – 6 since it is basically based on the syllabus available within these grades and is thus recommended for these children who fall between these grades. It is a form of assessment that includes the use of standard class work that has been purposely prepared by the teacher to meet the respective needs of the children in the class. The teacher is the best person to assess children since he is the one who interacts with the daily in class which is a closer level and is thus found to be in a position to give the best evaluation on the academic abilities of each child in his class. Some students can be a little slower or faster than the others in grasping things that are taught n class and as such the teacher is the one who should always be keen to identify and know the academic potentials of all the students in the classroom. With this information, the teacher is then in a good position to determine what kind of an examination he is going to give to the class and the students. One of the good things about this kind of assessment is that the teacher can involve the whole class in asking questions whereby the students can then raise their hands to answer the questions. The teacher can also either chooses to ask questions and let the students answer the questions together in unison.

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            This is an educational assessment tool that has been used to determine whether the students found in the same class are at the same point when it came to matters of understanding the syllabus. It is not uncommon to find students in the same class but who are in different levels academic wise. Some students can be far ahead o the others since these are the students who go out of their way to ensure that they read extra besides what the teacher has told them to read. If the teacher was teaching chapter four in a particular book, he can get to class and ask random questions about that chapter. He may then throw in two or three questions from chapter five and it would not be a surprise that some students will have the answers. The teacher would then be in position to determine over time which students are more involved in class work since those would be the ones with answers all the time. This method has also been used in both the schools with challenged children and those in mainstream schools. The premise of this approach mainly focuses on testing students on the relationship between what is known and what is unknown. The model is task analytic in nature, and its main focus is on teacher analysis of the demands and linking back to instructional materials. The major focus of the assessment procedures is based on the special education instructional planning. The main goal of the developer of this system was to provide teachers with a level of specificity about student performance so as to pinpoint where to begin in terms of giving instructions. Thus teachers are in position to eliminate and change any learner and instructional mismatch with the learner and curriculum demands.

            Curriculum Based Assessment tools have many characteristics. They use items selected from the identified curriculum domain as the sampling plan. This is important since it does not put any pressure on the teachers who are taking on the program. The application is done through continuous evaluation and instructional planning and the overall development is left for the teacher to observe as desired. The development is teacher made and the scoring is also teacher scored. The methods of displaying the results vary accordingly depending on the preference of the teacher in question. The response mode is through the students either answering out aloud to the teacher, writing or selecting the preferred response. The teacher administers the test direct to the student and the teacher is also at liberty to determine how frequent he would like to do this depending on the outcome of earlier results from the students in question. However, it is advisable for the teacher to offer tests frequently to keep assessing the level of learning and the overall progress of the students. These results would go a long way in assisting a teacher to know and assess how well the students are responding to class work and at the same time it would be important for the students as it would give them a well informed progress report on their individual abilities thus keep them aware of their abilities and assist them make the right choices for their future careers.


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