Free Custom «The Academy of Professional Studies» Essay Paper

Free Custom «The Academy of Professional Studies» Essay Paper

In every learning institution, the management of the various programs determines very much the performance of the students. These programs may range from morning or evening preps, to sports or even time management of classes. It is through this we come to get different results from our institutions, based on how well the tutors or even the student manage the programs (Tomas, 2007).

One of the best ways in which we can demonstrate the effects of program management is by use of Gestalt theory. This was an outcome of keen investigation in logic that emphasizes personal responsibility and the environmental and social contexts of an individual’s life. It is always very important to note that, when dealing with Gestalt theory, grouping of individuals has to be made based on four elements as follows.

  • Proximity
  • Similarity
  • Closure
  • Simplicity

When we consider proximity, we simple look at the elements that can be grouped together according to their nearness. For example in a program like Athletic in school, it is always advisable for the program manager to group the students in accordance to the kind of athletics they perform. If for instance you want to come up with a group of students who can perform better in short distance running, look for those who are potential and group them separately from the long distance runners.

Another important thing to consider is the similarity. If you want to come up with the best student council, make sure that you look at the students that have more things in common. This has to do with behavior wise. The idea here is to make sure that, the students to be selected in the student council should have good morals that will help towards improving the behavior of other students (Blom, 2006).

In an institution where by law is taken as a professional study, the faculty should always ensure that, the students are chosen based on their performance. There should be cut point marks that have to be considered while enrolling them. This is very important as it ensures that, the students chosen are the right ones for the course and they can overcome the challenges anticipated in the law studies. This clearly shows that, Gestalt theory is put into consideration as we factor in both the similarities and proximity of the students towards their selection.

The aim of the lawyer and police academy is to make sure that, the students are grouped according to their nearness nature as they depend on each other while performing their duties in the society. They also hold the same similarity of investigating on criminal activities, which means that, the students have to be of high intelligence.

Since Gestalt theory holds that, we should not just rely on simple assumption, instead we should do more research in to the problem so as to come up with the right solution, it poses a big challenge to any law academy for it has to make sure that it prepares its students very well by ensuring that, they get practical experience to some issues such as how investigations to some critical cases should be executed, based on what they have learned in their classes (Jongeward&James, 1996). The same case applies to the students being trained as police. So much intelligence has to be applied in their field of expertise so that they may be well prepared to face the challenges once they finish their course.



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