Free Custom «Student Leadership» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Student Leadership» Essay Paper

Student leadership is considered as one of the fundamental activity within universities. It is described as that process which enables students to engage in meaningful ideas, managing their own resources and making important decision outside the classroom lessons they enroll to undertake. Students are offered an opportunity of enhancing their talents on leadership, which is very essential in their adulthood. Student leadership within university offers challenges to students, which plays an important role in preparing them to deal with future world problems. Leadership within learning institutions should be geared towards promoting active citizenship, community leadership, service leadership, and social responsibility (Colby, 2007).

My position as the vice chairperson of the student association has enabled me to develop new skills that are very helpful not only in my academics but also in my day to day activities. As a leader I have endeavored my efforts in providing a link between the university and community at large. According Colby (2007), appreciating diversity within communities has widely contributed to building strong ties that have enabled both the university and community in embracing positive change. Leadership does not entail been a hero, it concerns action carried out for the benefit of community as well as other students. It is the duty of all leaders to represent individuals especially those who feel that their social economically standards are low compared to others. I am culturally sensitive and know that the university is made up of a community of diverse religion, race, tradition and social orientations. It has therefore been my duty as a leader that each and every student is treated equally regardless of his or her social community status.

Community responsibility and education go hand in hand and therefore ignoring the former at the expense of the later results in an irresponsible and unethical society. Colby (2007) asserts that, leadership within learning institutions should be used as a platform to address local needs, civic responsibilities, and commitment to community growth. Combining community service with academic leadership widely places a focus on critical, community responsibility and reflective thinking.

It is through my leadership skills and position that I have been able to enriched the lives of other students’ especially those from minority societies. At the university I have ensured they indulge in meaningful activities within the university community and make them feel as part of the society. By engaging people from the entire community, students are able to gain knowledge needed to tackle problems found in communities and extend this same knowledge in managing and addressing problems in their societies. Through engaging in community services, student from minority have managed to feel part of the community and have been able to work as a team therefore striving for a common goal for the university.

I have been a volunteer in my local community organization for the youth. The organization is geared towards peer education on social aspects of life. These include good morals and ethics, sexuality issues, drug abuse, positive living, sports among others. Guiding young people on importance of avoiding drugs, sexual immorality and having a moral upright life has been a rewarding experience to me in my local community. Always being in a position to develop a good rapport with young people, I possess a talent for encouraging and advising others in a way that helps them to understand the importance of positive living.

I believe that when others grow I grow also. I am not selfish with ideas because I believe the more I share the more the idea and the concepts will grow. I nurture a desire to groom fellow students to live a positive live and enhance their personality. I therefore intend to start an association that will chiefly address drug abuse and the importance of avoiding them once I leave Cal State Fullerton. I am looking forward to initiate an annual cultural week even, where different communicates will showcase what they have in terms of food, dressing, dancing, language, culture and way of life. This will enable students and lecturers from different communities to socialize, bond, and bring a unified bonded university community and its surrounding people. In so doing I hope to contribute to the much needed cooperation between the world’s diverse societies. I will too benefit from the cultural diversity of the population at institution. This will effectively contribute to my learning, as I will be in a position to interact will all members of the university including fellow students and lecturers.



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