Free Custom «Special Needs Students» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Special Needs Students» Essay Paper

According to Friend (2010), special education can be defined as the type of education specifically for the students with special needs. This type of education handles the individual needs and differences of the special needs students. Normally, this process requires the individually organized and systematically supervised arrangement procedures in teaching, adapted materials and equipment, accessing settings, and many other interventions that the planned to enable learners with special needs accomplish an increased level of personal success and self-sufficient in community and school (Wilmshurst, 2005). The special needs students cannot benefit if they given access to a usual classroom education.

The most common special needs include communication challenges, developmental disorders, challenges with learning, behavioral and emotional disorders, and physical disabilities. Students with any kind of the special needs will only benefit if there is use of additional educational services, for instance use of technology, a resource room, different teaching approaches. It is important for special teachers to understand and show respect for these students as unique beings, understand the differences and similarities between the normal and special needs students in the context of human development, understand the interaction of exceptional conditions with domains of human development, and understand how special needs students’ experiences can impact families, and social interaction.

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Through understanding that special needs students are different from the normal students, special educators employ teaching methods which include strategies in teamwork, problem solving, and the specifically planned assignments that are standardized for the requirements and capabilities of the students. Availability of new technology in instruction and learning encourages special educators to update their mode of instruction. Through particular types of software for instance, students having speech impairments are offered with a way of communication that is more convenient.  It is advisable for the special educators to have the right tolerance, enthusiasm, and patience for them to absolutely assist the students with special needs.  Special educators are aware that the special needs students are unique beings and therefore deserve respect. In this case, the special needs students do not have the ability to do some of the things the normal students can do, for example, some may be having hearing impairments, sight problems, mental disorders, or even orthopedic impairments. Therefore, they should be treated with respect according to the type of impairments.

Special educators should understand the interaction of exceptional conditions with domains of human development. The domains of human development include social and behavior, cognitive and motor, self-help and adaptive development, physical and motor, communication. For example, a special educator should understand the sign language that the deaf and dumb students use to facilitate communication. Special educators should employ all the technology that is available to ensure that the special needs students are adequately enables to understand their capabilities. Once they understand that they can be able to participate in some activities within their homes and school, the special needs students will socialize positively with family members and can contribute into the family’s well being.     


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