Free Custom «Special Education» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Special Education» Essay Paper

The Initial Teacher Training and Education (ITTE) set up by Training and Development Agency (TDA). According to Golder et al. 2009 the goal of the program was to enable teachers to be able to recognize and accommodate children with learning difficulty .This was to enable the teachers acquire skills and confidence to assist children with learning disability. ITTE courses assist trainee teachers to reflect on there attitudes. Especially with regard to people with special education needs. The teachers can now assist pupils with a wider variety of learning needs. They are able to assess pupils' response and decide when and how to change their teaching approaches.

Competent ITTE providers were selected by TDA to take part in the program. The trainee teachers went through a 15-day placement where they were able to access special education setting. They learnt and gained experienced through different special education settings. The goals of the placement were to enhance awareness and understanding of efficient learning and teaching. They gained theoretical and practical skills. The various learning difficulties that trainee teachers were likely to meet in classroom are: emotional and social difficulty, mild or moderate learning difficulty, language and communication difficulty and behavioral difficulties.

The program was established after a research conducted by Forlin in 2003 showed that: trainee teachers have had inadequate contact with people with disability. They had modest experience with pupils' with a range of specialized needs. They lacked sufficient learning and knowledge to enable then understand the needs of the pupils'. The report led to the legislation of a more inclusive education for all. Through the program, teacher trainees are now in a better position to teach in a class with varied groups of children. They can teach even pupils who would otherwise be segregated units or special schools. The green paper, (every child natter) supports the holistic approach to the needs of pupils (Golder et al. 2009). The paper is proposes inter agency work and collaboration.

The outcome for the TDA development program include enabling a greater understanding of role of special schools with regard to inclusion, enhancing knowledge as well as comprehension of special educational needs of children, strategies to include all children, allowing some students to come up with high levels of expertise hence carrier nurturing, sharing expertise and good practice evident in special schools and finally understanding significance of interagency work evident in special schools.

The research targeted a population of second year trainee teachers taking Beds Secondary Physical Education program at University College Plymouth St Mark and St John. The research found out that there is evidence that most ITTE institutions are offering chances for trainee teacher to take part in elements of provision for special education needs (Golder et al. 2009).. Placement experience is beneficial to trainee teachers as it increases their knowledge as well as understanding of special educational needs provision. Additionally, they developed a wider range of teaching strategies hence building on their confidence. There were higher degree of trainee motivation as the schools shared vital information with them; they also got the opportunity to interact with students not only in class but also outside class for instance taking them for trips, lunch time duty and plays (Golder et al. 2009).

From the review of the journal I believe that the research was one of the best initiatives to support both trainees as well as children with special needs. This is because the program entails practical mechanisms that support teacher education and training in their profession. Among the benefits associated with the initiative include increases their knowledge as well as understanding of special educational needs provision, gaining a wider range of teaching strategies hence building on their confidence among others.



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