Free Custom «Spanish Teaching in Texas Elementary Schools» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Spanish Teaching in Texas Elementary Schools» Essay Paper

Texas was originally a province of Spain in the 1690 but has since gradually developed to become a United States state. This explains the existence of Hispanic people in the state. With immigrants from Mexico who have since moved to Texas over the years, Spanish has not only grown in the state but also risen to be recognized in the whole state. This has in turn made the language to go to an extent that it is regarded by some as a mandatory for many citizens living in Texas for endurance in the state.

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The federal policy toward bilingual schooling has been varying over the years since 1980s as the past trends and idealistic keep on changing. In 1981, Secretary of Education in the United States Terrell Bell proposed a set of rules to implement the Lau decision. In his view, the proposed rules were inflexible, and even ruthless. In 1982, lawmakers had to amend the Title VII legislation enable school districts to be more flexible in implementing the objective of bilingual programs, and also give Title VII projects the option of using English exclusively, if they deemed so.

In Texas elementary schools, students are usually taught Spanish with English as a bilingual learning schedule. This is where students are able to lern using both languages in schools leading to proficiency in terms of growth. A majority of English Language Learners are able to be conversant in the language within a period of about one and a half years unlike those trying to be conversant in Spanish which may take up to seven years to learn. The Texas Teaching Fellows has bilingual teachers who teach both English and Spanish where some teach students whose native language is Spanish helping them acquire English making them to be comfortable in their own tongue skills. Whereas others deal with both languages hence students develop their bilingual skills.

People that help in learning institutions in Texas in the Spanish language should have full proficiency in speaking Spanish fluently, read Spanish and have good writing skills in the language. For one to qualify in order to join the teaching staff in Texas, one has to be a native Spanish speaker and must have stayed in a Spanish speaking country for at least 2 years, or be a graduate with a major in Spanish. In addition, for one to be bilingual teacher in Texas, they have to pass Bilingual Target Language Proficient Test (BTLPT) required by the state of Texas. Due to the requirements needed in order to teach Sppanish, it has become increasingly difficult for teachers to be found and they are insufficient in numbers leading to heavy spending by the state to get them. This in turn has adversely affected learning Spanish in Texas and led to changing the budget of the Texas governing body in improving Spanish as majority need the language for their innovation.

Among the advantage of learning Spanish in elementary schools in Texas by children is that most children have the capability of getting multiple languages in their tongue quickly since their minds are still growing. This gives them a better opportunity in their future endeavors in life as it will help them associate with other people in Texas as the population of Spanish speaking people has increased tremendously over the years making it almost solely the main language in Texas. this will also help in acquisition of jobs as it gives one an advantage in getting employment opportunities when one has a good curriculum vitae (CV) at hand when looking for jobs. Speaking Spanish may also help one politically as a large part of people living in Texas speak Spanish as a native language. Therefore not being able to speak in Spanish may put one in an unfavorable position politically.


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