Free Custom «Questions to Essay Questions for Test» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Questions to Essay Questions for Test» Essay Paper

Among the various factors that tipped the interaction between Europeans and Native Americans in the Europeans’ favor, what were the most important and why

The most important factors that tipped interaction between Europeans and Native Americans were culture, health and land. The American continent emerged with the cultural background of both Native American conventional culture, and a modernized European culture of the French, English and Spanish which was more prominent. The Europeans came with diseases and Native Americans lacked the suitable immunity to combat these diseases and many people died resulting to traditional cultures becoming extinct. There were fertile lands which Europeans seized form the tribes. Native American made efforts to resist the takeovers but though being higher in populations, the Europeans had highly modernized in warfare than Native Americans (Brody, & Henretta, 2006).  

Describe Puritanism in detail.  What was it and what were its goals and beliefs?  Who dissented from Puritan beliefs and caused splits in the religion

Puritanism was a political party created from religious movement in 17th century that victoriously attained control of England via revolution and briefly tried to introduce Puritan principles on every level of English life and government. The rise of Puritans was directly linked to increased knowledge in the Age of Enlightenment.  As individuals learned to write and read, and as Bible became accessible to commoners, many people began to study the Bible for themselves an act that was highly discouraged during establishment of the church. The Puritanism was aimed as purifying the England church since they believed that the Church was needed to be a sacred place of worship but instead people hade made it unholy and corrupt.  They believed that believed that English Reformation was insufficient, and the England church was still accepting numerous practices which were connected with the Church of Rome (Henretta, Brody, & Dumenil, 2007).

The puritans had a belief that the only purpose of life was to live glorifying God and adhering to the scriptures. They believed that the death of Jesus was as a result of the sin committed by Eve and Adam, and thus being their descendants people are supposed to honor the sacrifice through living a life governed by his instructions and commandments. Through living a humble and simple life, Puritans believed their religion was the sole religion that was right and other religions were satanic. Henry viii dissented from Puritan beliefs and split with Rome to establish the England Church, but his intentions were political and personal other than religious. This made English Protestants opposed the England church and led to split of Puritan religion since needed a religion free of extravagance and corruption.

Discuss the indenture system in the Chesapeake.  Why did it develop?  What caused the shift from servant labor to slave labor and what advantages were there to slavery?

The indenture servant system was a scheme of having a servant to work for the employee for particular number of days in exchange for room and board.  It was a route for poor, young England men to come to the North America during the colonial period and begin a new living. Shortages of labor in middle colonies of America enhanced indentured servitude to flourish for over 150 years.  However, increased of slave imports form Africa during the 18th century led to its decline and slave labor was adopted since slave labor was slaves could be held for their whole lives.

Did the colonies in the North and the South become more alike or grow increasingly different in the first half of the 18th century?  Compare and contrast their economies, social structures, and political systems

In the fist half of 18th century, the mainland colonies dramatically grew in very diverse ways. The Carolinas and the Chesapeake cultivated plantation for global markets such as tobacco in North Carolina and Chesapeake and indigo and rice in coastal parts of Georgia and South Carolina which were all devoted  to slave labor. In North, the tobacco colonies of Maryland and Virginia were equivalently devoted to slave labor, but slaves led different lives in here than in Deep South.

Both the southern and New England colonies were both begun with majority of individuals having originated from England, they were both within a novel world and were ruled by England both these two regions were very diverse economically, socially and politically. New England colonies were cooler, but soils were unfertile, and thus economy was driven by manufacturing and trade, fishing and lumber were the main income source. Agriculture was prominent in the south and staple foods were rice and tobacco. Many settlers lived in the South and had a huge impact on social structure.  There was a four part social structure with plantation owners at the top, followed by middle class farmers, and then indentured servants and black slaves at the bottom. In New England there was no need for slave labor, there were few black salves and thus everybody was relatively equal. Both New England and South colonies shred apolitical administration tied with England.

What personal characteristics of Christopher Columbus are revealed about him as a person?

He was persistent and determined and continued sailing even after losing all things to pirates and waited for seven years up to the time Spain could send him on the journey. He was selfish since the continuation of his initial journey could have resulted to death of his crews since food was exhausting and were not aware of where they were heading to. He treated people badly and had no sympathy. He took the homeland of the natives, yoked then and forced them to do work and since female natives were carelessly raped.

Why did Christopher Columbus believe he was in Asia?

Christopher Columbus believed he was in Asia because when he was in Europe, no one actually knew the huge landmass blocking the route, in the west which was North and South America. Columbus considered that by travelling west, there was nothing on the way and could easily sail on over Asia. Nevertheless, when he landed, the land was really the Caribbean, and he named it San Salvador and claimed it to be Spain and since he considered he was in India, he named the local people Indians.

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Can you discover Columbus’s motives for making his journey? What were they?

The two motives of Columbus journey was religion and profit. He hoped that trough sailing west; he could reach China and Asia more direct and faster than going around Africa. He needed to purchase spices at a reduced price at their regions of origin, go with them back to Europe and sell them off for a big profit. He also wanted to bring Catholicism to the local people of every place he went to. It was widely believed that when every person on earth heard about Jesus he would go back to his homeland.

Can you tell from this list of necessary items what kind of colony John Smith hoped Virginia would become?

John Smith views Virginia as barbaric, dangerous, and backward. The Native Americans had hostile actions, inferior technology and different clothes.  Smith wanted the Native Americans who inhabited the new world of Virginia to be unhostile to colonialists, advance their technology and modernize their dressing so as to fit into the new world.

What kind of lifestyle do you imagine early Virginians Had?

The conditions of living in early Virginia were poor. The region was swampy with no fresh water and there was frequent outbreak of diseases like Dysentery and malaria. There were constant explosions and fires and the city burnt down two times.

What is missing from this list that colonists might obtain from Virginia’s environment?

The colonists would have benefitted form woods and minerals like iron and copper which are plenty in the Virginia land. The land was fertile which enable cultivation of wheat and cattle rearing. There are also several mountains and valleys which drain waters to the lakes that are important fishing points.

Was the intent of the 1646 Massachusetts law merely to frighten children into behaving properly? In what ways might parents have been the primary targets of the law?

The intention of the Massachusetts law was not merely to frighten the children into behaving well. It was an indication of a legal obligation towards good behavior for the children. However, the main target of the law was the parents since the whole responsibility is directed to the children. The law states that if a man and a woman have a rebellious child who does not hearken to the voice o either of them, they should take the child to a magistrate and testify that the son is rebellious. The law therefore directs the responsibility to the parents.

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Was John Porter Jr. punishable under the terms of the 1646 law? In what ways was he a prime candidate for capital punishment?

John Porter Jr was punishable under the terms of Massachusetts law since as a parent, he neglected the role of issuing authority to his son. Therefore he neglected his legal obligation of observing his son’s behavior by separating with the mother. John Porter junior was a prime candidate for capital punishment due to his crime of palimony. He refused failed to take up his parental responsibility over his son during the separation case with his wife.

Is the 1646 law indicative of the fact that Massachusetts authorities were devoid of affection for children? How many children would you estimate were executed under the auspices of the 1646 law?

The law is however not indicative of the fact that Massachusetts authorities were devoid of affection for children. The law was just to correct some of the childhood behaviors that grow into adulthood resulting into big crimes and evils. Doing this would therefore reduce the number of adult criminals. I would estimate that hundreds of children were executed under this law because according to what literature says, many parents forwarded complain that their children were not willing to hearken to their authorities. Therefore there were so many problems that this law helped solve (Massachusetts Bar Association, 1997).

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How is a husband expected to behave toward his wife?

A husband is supposed to offer protection and maintenance, and take full responsibility of the welfare of the wife. He is required to shelter, feed and cloth the wife and children of the marriage. He should take full financial responsibility for the family and it is not mandatory for the wife to contribute, unless she wishes to do so.

How is a wife expected to behave toward her husband?

A wife should respect her husband and this respect should be reflected on the way she behaves and talks. She should communicate, be honest and avoid keeping secrets after marriage. She should be understanding and supportive especially during times of troubles and avoid nagging him and request her own things nicely.

Does higher birth, intelligence, or estate alter a wife’s obligation to her husband? Why or why not?

Higher birth does not alter the obligation of wife to her husband when children become part of the family. Although the wife is equipped with a new responsibility of taking care of the children, she knows how to balance time attend to the children while continuing with her duties as a wife. Higher status or intelligence should also not alter the obligation of the wife since she is supposed to play her marriage roles as she pursues her career or job.



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