Free Custom «Public and Private Education » Essay Paper

Free Custom «Public and Private Education » Essay Paper

Education is a very important tool towards not only economic growth of an individual, but also national wise. It helps to acquire life skills that help one to be innovative and works toward the common challenges in life. This in return boosts ones economic growth. If one gets the right education and exposed to practical skills, this helps to overcome any challenge that comes on the way. Then considering the skills gotten in the school it is always good to consider the level of education that is offered in public and in the private institutions. In this discussion, comparison will be done between both and conclusion arrived citing advantages, disadvantages, challenges and impact both system have in the quality of education that they offer towards ones economy.

The importance of attending school is to get skills and good credentials required for a good life. There have been differences in the quality of education one get. This is caused by the type of the school attended either private or public school (Kennedy par 4). This effect gives people different perspective in life in the way they approach issues. Thus, this creates a gap in economic life of people who acquired same course but from different institution set up.

Most of this is brought up by the system of governance private school and public school uses. The accessibility of the education on both system and the quality of the education offered. In public school, there is lot of bureaucracy. This makes most the student thee not fully utilize the amenities in the school. However, in private student are able to utilize fully their potential as they can access all the areas. It gives one an upper hand to explore fully the potential that one has to grow economically due to the information gained.

Quality education is the bottom line towards economic growth. This is where the ability of an individual is completely brought into surface to help one put it into practical work. The environment created by both the institution counts very much (Boyes and Melvin, 83). This environment should be in coherent to each other aiming to achieve a common goal. If one of the systems drags its feet, it leads to consequences that are noted in the disbursement of the skills taught in school. Consequently, this affects the economy of the individual and the nation at large.

Discipline is one of the paramount virtue in acquiring knowledge and skills. This is a two way process where the administration should keep strict rules and regulations. They should also follow them to the letter to ensure that both staff and student adhere to them to meet their objective. More democracy may ruin the education system thus having impact on the final product of education system. Thus, in any institution checks and balances should be maintained.

Facilities in any institution dictate the quality of the education offered there. These facilities are a little bit expensive. Therefore, either private or public institution should have regular and enough funding to avail them to their student. The facilities help the students get the real picture of what happens in they field of study. It makes one became competitive in the outside world consequently becoming more productive and economically stronger. Private school is business based (Tucker, 92). Therefore, they have to strike a balance between acquiring such facilities and making profit. In addition, they lack regular and enough funds to acquire tools and equipments that are important in provision of quality education.

Compared to public schools that get their national budget share yearly, private schools are liable of producing more theoretical students than practical students. To grow economically, practical knowledge is required more than theory. Thus, if any system do not balance both, half-baked student who get fierce challenges in the field are produced. Thus, public school gets more credit in this.

The cost of education in the private schools is unbearable. This makes very few people to access the education there. Inaccessibility of education to many people, can affect the not only individual economy but also for the whole country On the contrary, the government thus cheaper compared to the private school education funds public school education in most countries. This makes it more accessible and reliable (Chen par 6). Thus imparting knowledge to many people who meet, share ideas and making them more creative. The creativity gained in the school helps very much in building of the economy from the individual level globally.

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In my own opinion, the system of education should strike a balance in their way of imparting knowledge. The most important thing they should consider is the quality of education they are giving the people. There should be intensive research on the grass root to help them know what is required in the ground. The system of governance should not hinder accessibility to important facilities. The system should be clear to avoid so much of bureaucracy to help the student get quality education.

The student also should take their own initiative to make the system work appropriately by implementing the rules and regulation in place. They should become innovative and try to solve problems that are experienced in the world using the skills learnt in the school. This will help the growth of micro economy to a great level.



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