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Pros and Cons of Attending College

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High school students have been repeatedly seen grapple with the question of whether or not college education is necessary for them. The solution to this issue is usually convoluted since quite a lot of aspects have to be considered before arriving at an informed decision. Every single student is unique and has different visions in his or her life. Though colleges expose students to certain opportunities of life, aspects such as cost of acquiring college education and inadequacy of white collar jobs have seen many high school students either shun or abandon college education. However, a closer examination of the pros and cons of acquiring college education could lead to a more satisfactory answer.


Students are surely at the best position to establish if college education can add any value into teir lives. However, they should be given the pros and cons and other information needed on college education to help them make such paramount decisions in their life. College education has several benefits, including the wide array of alternatives offered to the student in the workplace. Students who undertake college education acquire certain qualifications that enable them to become competent in the outside world. Some of the students also get great lucrative opportunities all because of acquiring college education. The most vital achievement of going to college is maybe the fact that college imparts its students how to become all-round; college graduates get out with better educational and social skills. However, college education has its dark side. College education has become a lucrative business among quite a number of higheer learning institutions and for this reason; college fees have become unreasonably pricey. Moreover, specific plans to fund needy students are not adequate. College education sometimes becomes a waste of talent since students don’t always pursue what they want as a result of the highly competitive nature of college vacancies; some students also end up nurturing their skills on their own and starting up business premises other than getting employed.


In conclusion, college education’s is relevance to individuals depends on several aspects: students’ abilities and talent; affordability and college opportunities likely to be helpful to an individual. These aspects should be the guiding principles when a student is deciding whether or not to pursue college education.

Buy custom Pros and Cons of Attending College essay paper cheap

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