Free Custom «Pre-Calculus Applications» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Pre-Calculus Applications» Essay Paper

Pre-calculus is an important subject that is studied at all academic levels. Many students struggle to complete their pre-calculus summary, cause and effect of pre-calculus term paper or pre-calculus summary in order to succeed in algebra later in college.. These term papers and academic assignments assist the students in making effective transitions from high schools to college. Pre-calculus offers the learners with an honors-level study of trigonometry advanced functions, analytical geometry, and data analysis to enable them tackle calculus. Some of the major applications of pre-calculus that prepare the students in the study of calculus include actual pre-calculus applications and modeling. Other applications are appropriate technology, manipulative of calculators and application software. These are very necessary in the instruction and assessment of calculus (Thomas et al, 2008).

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Pre-calculus assists learners in describing phenomena as functions graphically, algebraically and by oral means and also in the identification of independent and dependent quantities, domain and range, input and output and mapping. It is also applied in translation in graphics, algebraic, numeric, tabular, and verbal representations of relations. Pre-calculus is also applied in definition and usage of linear, quadratic, cubic, exponential and rational functions. It is also applied in interpretation of absolute value as well as radical functions to model and solve complex equations and problems. Pre-calculus is applied when using systems of two or more equations or inequalities to solve complex equations.

Pre-calculus is important in the application of trigonometric ratios to form and solve equations and problems. It is also important in applications of logic and deductive reasoning to arrive at conclusions and solve equations and problems. It is also necessary in the reducing of the gap between elementary mathematics and algebra. This is intended at motivating and enabling learners to appreciate the importance of mathematics. It thus prepares learners to succeed in algebra and geometry in colleges and higher institutions of learning. Pre-calculus is thus an important course to take particularly in high schools (Thomas et al, 2008).


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