Free Custom «Point of View» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Point of View» Essay Paper

The education sector has been faced by several issues that have challenged the administration and development of policies which have continued to shape institutions of learning. In recent times, the education sector has seen the development of a number of notions which have generated a lot of debate among the educationalist as well as the entire community as well. One of such issues has been the advocacy for the increment of the number of years that student spend in high school. The debate has divided educators into two section with other advocating for the extension while others opposing. With the increment of the number of years that student takes finish high school, there is a possibility of helping student meet some of the demands that have come up in the society. Through extending high school period to a period of five years, student will be presented with an opportunity of acquiring more knowledge and skill on community work and on extracurricular activities. As a result, student will be able to meet the demand placed on them by the society.

The value of extending high school period has a number of benefits both to the students and to the community. Disregarding the oppositions of those against extending high school stay up to five years, it is important to focus on some of the advantages that can be realized when student spend more time in high school. Student can engage in more extracurricular activities in high school if they can spend more time in high school which is not the case at the moment. With students having less than five years in high school, the amount of activities they engage in are less and insufficient providing student with opportunities to take part in them. By student taking part in various extracurricular activities, high school can shape student into well-rounded individuals who are able to interact and with the society well. These activities consumer more time and thus increasing the high school period can increase the time allocated for student to participate in these activities. The benefits of taking part in extracurricular activities for a long time will be realized in the society where the student will be able to utilize the skills acquired in handling of various tasks. Since the short time presently taken by student in high school does not allow student to participate in sufficient extracurricular activities, it is imperative to extend the high school period up to five years.

With the increase of high school stay for up to five years, students can be able to gains important skill and attitudes through their participation in various community initiatives. This is not possible at the moment given that high school students have less time for such activities. To increase the time for community serviced without extending the high school stay will create a compromise in teaching of subjects. The effects of these can be devastating. For this reason, it is rational to increase the stay in high school up to five years. With up to five years stay in high school, student can engage in enough community services that will impart them with the knowledge and skills of caring for the community. The effect of this will be felt in the ability of high school students to take care of the community around. This can be through the acquisition of the understanding to conserve the environment and fight other social evils. Such skills will absolutely spill into employment with high school students able to undertake in community services with ease and confidence.



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