Free Essay Sample «Plagiarism»

Free Essay Sample «Plagiarism»

Plagiarism is one of the challenges facing students. However, simple it may sound it is difficult to avoid. Many students languishing in the quagmire of laziness are the main culprits. It is an unethical act of using the ideas or creativity of other people with a pretence that it is the writer’s original work. It is a vice with total disregard of basic educational tenets. A plagiarized work will reflect wrong information about the writer. Therefore, it should not be tolerated in any way. Instead, all relevant authorities must condemn it with all the vigor it deserves.

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According to Diana Hacker in The Bedford Handbook, 8th edition, notes that, “Three different acts are considered plagiarism: (1) failing to cite quotations and borrowed ideas, (2) failing to enclose borrowed language in quotation marks and (3) failing to put summaries and paraphrases in your own words” (Hacker, 51-1, 56-3). If a student commits plagiarism by doing any of these acts postulated by Diana Hacker, then stern consequences should follow. However, plagiarism can be avoided through appropriate citation of original works.


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