Free Custom «Philosophy of Education» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Philosophy of Education» Essay Paper

Philosophies are important because they guide an individual towards a particular practice. Someone’s philosophy is important because it helps in defining the individual, giving him power to feel, to interpret, and even to speak about what he thinks and understands about a given topic. A philosophy in education is therefore very never important for an individual. As a profession in the education field, I believe that education is very important in defining the development of a nation. It is something that should be shared, appreciated, and desired amongst all people. In the United States, public education system is designed to favor every individual (Moore, 2010). It is the duty of professional teachers to help the students realize their potentials through the educational process.

Currently, many people have different ideas on what is supposed to be the purpose of public education is in our country. As an educationist, I believe that the purpose of United States’ public education is to make sure every child and teenager is given the knowledge and education he deserves or needs (Brennen, 1999). Public education is the way out to get students ready for their eagerly anticipated years in college and also prepare them for their future lives after graduating from college.

It is necessary to have public education in a country like the United States. Through such system of education, the learners will not only learn the scientific facts and ‘subject’ matter, but they get a chance of learning important values and things defining their lives. The main importance of public education for the American is to teach children how to live and achieve their best goals (Moore, 2010). When exposed to the public education system, the learners get a chance to listen to their teachers and also interact with their schoolmates thus making the learning process effective. This should be the nature and sole purpose of our public education.

The other important thing, I believe, is that public education should as well be focused on the welfare of the teachers. This will make it possible for teachers to get the chance of learning a lot of things from the practice from their students. According to me, I think strongly that a teacher who thinks he/she may not learn from a student is very wrong. These teachers who are not willing to learn from their students may not be effective in the teaching process. The direction for our American public education should therefore be focused on benefiting both the teacher and the learner. That being the case, getting an open-minded tutor is a plus since this will encourage symbiotic relationship between the learner and the teacher. This should be the goal of our public system of education (Moore, 2010).

As an educational leader, I believe that the teacher is also expected to play a big role to ensure the learner has succeeded accordingly. The use of differentiated instruction is necessary in the teaching process in passing the relevant knowledge and understanding to the learner (Noddings, 2006). With the American education system, it is necessary that the teacher outlines the child’s level of understanding in order to establish the right instructional process which will promote the learning process. This will make sure every learner in different levels of the learning process has benefited accordingly.

In order to achieve the above goals, there can be the adoption of specific theories such as social interaction. This theory postulates that encouraging students to work together and as well engaging them in constant conversation will allow them to learn from one another. By so doing this will make it possible for them to experience significant development in their learning process (Dewey, 2008). Once this is integrated to the differentiated instruction for students’ success, the public education of the country will be beneficial. For instance, every classroom environment is very different. That being the case, teachers should understand these differences whenever teaching the students. Teachers should play an important role by helping the students learn how to adapt to different situations and make sure they have been given the necessary instructions depending on their academic requirements (Dewey, 2008). It is important that both students and teachers should identify their roles in the classroom as this will benefit everyone in the long run.

It is important for teachers to always be there for their students and address their specific needs accordingly. Teachers should be willingness to help, motivate, and even encourage the learners; otherwise students will shy away and feel discouraged by the learning process. I believe that teachers should be mentors and ready to instill values, teach appropriate responsibilities, and as well be supportive (Kneller, 2008). This will play a big role in the students’ academic development. This is a very key element in offering differentiated instructions to the learner.

The approach will make it possible to dictate the major expectations from the teacher. That being the case, every teacher is expected to understand how to cater for the needs of specific students (Kneller, 2008). Differentiating instructions promotes the learning process by making sure the learner is engaged in the process accordingly. As an educationist, I believe that this approach is still the best if the purpose of schooling in public education was to become a reality in the United States.

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The other important thing is to have professional development for teacher success. It is something important for teachers to integrate developmental practices which will promote their teaching processes. In the American system of education, there are a number of resources available for both teachers and learners. For the teacher, it should not be like the climax of the career because the education system has remained dynamic due to technological changes and development. Teachers can therefore adopt these new approaches and technological developments to promote their practices (Brennen, 1999). Teachers can also attend seminars and share with others in order to make the American education system a reality.

From the above discussion, we should note that the philosophy of education entails all the skills dispensed through teaching. This means that the education system should be practical so as to fit all real situations in the world. By so doing the process will help both the teachers and students (Moore, 2010). Therefore, towards the development of a professional educational philosophy, the idea should be in preparing the student in receiving further education which will make him responsible for the rest of his life, and as well make the teacher well equipped for his kind of job. This approach will help in maintaining the quality and significance of our public education system.



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