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Philosophy and Students with Special Needs

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Students with learning difficulties are different from normal students by virtue of their intellectual capabilities.  The students with special needs would require different philosophies that are distinct from other philosophies applied in the education of the normal children. Students with diverse disabilities, encounter problems in learning concepts from the educational materials at the pace required by the curriculum.  Due to cognitive problems they experience difficulties in reasoning out and making logical sense from the taught materials and skills.

These intellectual disabilities also lead to limitations in communication, language and speech problems and a tendency to easily forget skills learnt in class through disuse. Such students can therefore not be able to keep up with the normal standards as demanded by conventional education curriculum. This subsequently necessitates designing of education system to suit their needs, implying the application of education philosophies appropriate for these children. These learning problems require specialized education philosophies, programs, policies guiding teaching procedures, methods and technologies that will be appropriate to the students with special needs.

Their common challenges have led to the different styles and procedures of teaching that are based on accommodation and modification strategies. Modification of the learning material to simpler terms and formatting the teaching practices to suit special needs distinguish their curriculum from the conventional one. Some cases of disabilities are more severe than others requiring extensive support from specially trained teachers.  As a result, the same philosophy cannot be applied across the board for these separate groups.

The difference in learning capabilities and needs necessitate the adoption of relevant philosophies that would adequately meet their needs based on their capabilities. These philosophies may at times not be very different from the ones applied in the education of normal children, as along as they would be found to be suitable in providing education to these students. The fact that special needs students have diverse difficulties in learning requires different philosophies in this regard.

Buy custom Philosophy and Students with Special Needs essay paper cheap

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