Free Custom «Phase 2 Individual Project » Essay Paper

Free Custom «Phase 2 Individual Project » Essay Paper

Technology has aided in advancing the speed of imparting academic skills. One of the key ways to helping computer illiterate students who have enrolled in the university is by providing them with basic computer training. This training will enable students to be skilful in computer basics like Power Point and Word Processing. Students, who will be learning physics and chemistry, will be taught fundamental mathematics and statistics.

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According to the APA style, paraphrasing refers to putting the words in a passage into your own words (Williams College Libraries, 2010). This aided in the researcher in looking for ways to express the original material without changing the meaning. Paraphrasing in APA can be dne using three main styles. The first one is substituting a word with a different vocabulary which has the same meaning. This is where synonyms are used.  The second style is to effectively change the sequence of words in a sentence. The writer must ensure that the new sentence has the same meaning as the original one. The last style is the changing grammar. This can involve changing from active to passive voice.

The two paraphrased paragraphs were similar because synonyms were used. The grammar was also different in the two paragraphs. In this paragraph, the researcher used future tense (will) to show what a university should do for computer illiterate students. The second paragraph was not condensed unlike the first one.

The basic strategies that can be used to improve paraphrasing skills involve reading and analysing a paragraph. This will help the reader to note the main points. The next step is summarizing in different words. The final step is re-reading the summarized work to see if any sentence has been copied. If there are any words that have been copied directly, then they should be acknowledged through citing of the source (Purdue Online Writing Lab, 2005).

This paragraph is longer and almost has the same meaning with the original one. It is important to note that the first sentence is better that the one at the Writing Centre. The grammar has also been changed especially the tenses.


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