Free Custom «Passion for Success» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Passion for Success» Essay Paper

Collins Marva once said: “Success doesn't come to you? You go to it.” This statement has been a significant source of inspiration for me not only to dream big but to work towards achieving my goals. My passion for success has been one of the primary motivators that had not only influenced my academic goals but has given me tenacity and a vision of becoming an outstanding professional environmental scientist. With a great interest in research work, I am convinced that being awarded this scholarship will give me the opportunity to better my research and hopefully graduate as an exemplary environmental chemist.

Since childhood, I have always wanted to earn a PhD in chemistry. This goal shaped my academic work because it provided me with reasons to face challenges, not to mention dreaming of greater exploits.  Presently, I have accomplished this dream in part being that I am enrolled in the doctorate program in Chemistry. Moreover, because “dreamers are achievers”, I fully agree that Marva’s argument is simply the truth — someone has to urge and go for success. In this program, my research interest — conformational determination utilizing microwave, infrared and Raman spectroscopy — is the main thrust that directs all my efforts. In a broad perspective, I am investigating organoamines and alcohol molecules such as ethanol, isopropylamine, n-propylamine, 2-cyanoethylamine, 2-aminoethanol, and other compounds.

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Being awarded this scholarship will enable me to complete this program and finish all my research work as well. First, my primary goal is to complete my research so as to finish my thesis in time. For some time, I have been part of an on-going research study on conformational determination of organoamines and alcohols. After completing the study, I was intrigued by the findings, which made me question the effects that might be predominant in moving to cyclic structure like four and five-member rings. In the case of cyclic structure, I have recently carried out vibrational, structural, and conformational studies on cyclobutylcarboxylic acid chloride and cyclopentylamine. Completing this research will require more funds than I have in order to bolster my ability to access necessary resources and processes in this study. Ultimately, finishing this research will galvanize my suitability for carrying out other extensive research work.

Second, my goal is to carry out research at an advanced and professional level using various spectroscopic techniques. This goal calls for the use of various special conditions, which require a lot of funds to accomplish. For instance, the properties of amines and alcohols —forming dimers — necessitates that I carry out my studies in very dilute solutions or in the gas while varying the temperature for enthalpy difference determinations to obtain reproducible results. While these conditions are critical, they are very expensive to maintain. However, your funds will enable me to meet all costs and, most importantly, will allow me to focus on how to produce better results and data than I have done in the past. Hopefully, I will be able to come up with new findings that will contribute to my recognition in the field of environmental chemistry. With your support through this scholarship, I am positive that I will blend and commit my skills and interests for me to be a successful graduate in chemistry with the ability to make a meaningful contribution through research. This is how I intend to go after success.


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