Free Custom «Non-verbal Habits of Professors » Essay Paper

Free Custom «Non-verbal Habits of Professors     » Essay Paper

Over the past months, one of the professors’ has been noted to exhibit distracting nonverbal habits which more often than not tend to be annoying. For instance, this particular professor has been checking the time continuously during lessons. This habit has been quite distracting and annoying since it has constantly portrayed the professor’s boredom and lack of interest in teaching. As a result, most of the students in his class have developed lack of interest in his subject and as a matter of fact it has been the poorest performed subject in the school. The worst scenarios have occurred on occasions when the professor takes time during the lesson to inspect her fingernails. Honestly, this habit is very annoying because it wastes a lot of time that could be used to cover important topics regarding the subject.

In addition to the above mentioned distracting habits, the professor has been noted to strain her eyes most of the time. This could probably be as a result of lack of sleep, stress or boredom. Like it has been indicated in past studies by experts, poor eye contact may demonstrate lack of confidence and adequate eye contact is important in establishing trust among students. In fact, the professor rarely makes eye contact with the students and in the a few occasions when she does, whenever someone returns the eye contact the professor looks away. This kind of behaviour is certainly weird and annoying because communication becomes a problem. Excessive eye contact maybe considered as nonverbal aggression but enough of it will demonstrate a person’s interest and confidence during a conversation.

Lastly, the professor has had the habit of exhibiting a slouched posture while in the lecture room. Most of the time the professor slouches her shoulders forward resulting to a compressed chest. Experts have shown that poor posture results to psychological effects of poorer confidence. These habits though nonverbal have been distracting, annoying, and have resulted to lack of interest in the professor’s lecturers.



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