Free Custom «My Education Plan and Goal» Essay Paper

Free Custom «My Education Plan and Goal» Essay Paper

Since I was young, I had developed big interest in business and business career. I used to accompany my father to his shop every Saturday and Sunday. I also used to follow my mother whenever I knew she was going to the market. This was not only due to the fact that she would buy for me sweets but also due to the fact that I felt happy seeing, rabbits, chickens, mangoes and many other products being sold. I was also pleased to see people shouting and advertising their goods and services. However, it was when we entered a huge shop where people were walking picking goods and paying for the good on their way out when I became more eager to secure a career in business. “Mother; why are people walking in the shop instead of standing at the counter and ask for whatever they need, and who is the man in the office behind there?” I asked my mum pointing at the man who was sitting in what looked like an in office in the corner. “This is a supermarket.” My mother answered me. “The man in the office there is a manager.” She added.

“Who is a manager?” I asked her surprisingly. “Manager refers to an individual tasked with supervising one or more workers or departments carry out allotted tasks as required. There can be a single, double or triple management layer involved depending on the size of the company. Management is basically divided into three groups within large companies the groups includes senior/upper management, mid-management and lower management. Lower management comprise of managers who work at the essential level of business or function. On the other hand, mid-level management supervises lower-management and produces reports for senior management while upper or senior management commonly made up of a board of directors or stakeholders who own the company/organization are accountable for making major decisions that impact the company/organization.” My mother answered me.

It was right from here when I developed an objective of becoming manager. I wished that I should be the one sitting in the office just observing how operations were carried out. I asked my mother how a person can become a manager or whether anybody suits to be a manager. She answered me that education was the key factor, I was supposed to be highly educated with all managerial skills and experience she answered me. It was from here when I was enrolled in primary school ready to start my journey towards being a manager. I did my best and worked hard to ensure that I don’t fail under any given circumstances. I did well in my end exams and passed highly, a fact that provided me with an opportunity to join high school.

In the high school, our teacher told us that management was not a career and that you ought to have an experience in certain career. As a result, this made me to join art as my major career. I concentrated on art as my major working hard with determination of securing position in a university. At the end of my high school education, I passed highly with good grades which enabled me to join University of Hawaii where I am currently with liberal art being my major. Have been attending this school and undertaking liberal art as my course though this was not what I indeed to be.

My objective was to secure a business career with management being my best. Thus it is due to this fact that I am planning to leave this school and join another one where I will be able to achieve my objective and ambition in life. I therefore came up with a plan on to get business career. In my plan, I will transfer my school University of Hawaii to Santa Monica College in Los Angeles California. This is due to the fact that CA school colleges are cheaper thus they will help me to do away with the problem of financial constraint. In University of Hawaii and Hawaii city at large, life is expensive with universities charging high fee so as to pursue a career from their. As a result, I have been missing some class doing work so as to raise the required fee. By joining Santa Monica College I will be therefore in a good position to attend all classes and paying the required fee with ease.

Furthermore, my boyfriend is living in California thus this will provide me with a good opportunity to spend time with him. It will help us to cut down money that we spent spend traveling from Hawaii to California either going to visit him or coming to visit me. I will be also in a good position of monitoring him and ensuring that we remain faithful to one another.

Since I prefer to live in the city than upcountry, this will be best opportunity. I like to live in city due to the fact that there are more job opportunities in cities when compared to upcountry. Hence this will also facilitate the rate at which I attain my objective. After accomplishing my education, I will look for one of the companies or business organizations in the city and try to secure employment from there. But since managers who are required to manage a business organization or company in a city is supposed to be highly skilled and experience, it will be a challenge to me thus inspiring me to work even harder than before.

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I prefer Santa Monica College due to the fact that it is the most prestigious college in Los Angeles. It has high qualified teachers and with both teachers and students respecting each other and having good relationship. It has cool atmosphere reliable for high and good performance. Its teachers are not after profits but after producing highly qualified students with ability to secure good job opportunities in the competitive markets that we exist in currently. Transfer to UCLA, majored business administration will assist me greatly to get my education and finally achieve my objective. This is due to the fact that in addition to low fee charged by the college, it also offers scholarship loans to its students.

As a result, this loan ensures that all students attend classes on time and daily because they are not worried about getting school fees. Unlike other colleges and universities where students have to do part-time work or take part-time classes due to lack of fees and need to raise school fees, UCLA ensures that all its students attend all classes by providing affordable loans to its students. UCLA is popular for its production of highly educated and skilled students majored in different business careers. This has been its trend for long time with at least 60% percent of its students who graduate annually securing job in either private or public business organizations. It is thus due to this fact that I am confident that by UCLA I will have 100% chance and ability of attaining my ambition. I will be equipped with all necessary skills required to pursue and perform well especially in the modern competitive atmosphere. I am therefore proud that my plan is well planned and probable to see me attaining my objectives and ambitions successfully and with ease.



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