Free Custom «Multicultural Organizational Assessment TSMS» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Multicultural Organizational Assessment TSMS» Essay Paper

Tomkins Square Middle school is an educational institution dedicated in serving students from different parts of the globe with different cultural beliefs. The school offers education for students from grade six to grade eight; the school is located in New York City East village. The school provides high quality leaning standards which emphasizes on high ethical and self reliance standards. The school has prospered greatly since its foundation in the year 2001 winning several academic awards (TSMS, 2010).

A) Does the language of the mission statement contain language that is inclusive of diverse populations? (State it in your presentation)

The mission statement of the school clearly states its dedication towards providing education to persons from each and every community in the world. The school through its mission states its dedication to ensure that the students who have gone through their education system attain the highest critical thinking and ethical standards (TSMS, 2010). The mission of the school also states its recognition of students from other communities such as Asians, Africans and Spaniards. The mission statement also explains the support of the school to different forms of learning so as to enable the other communities to fit in the education system, the mission also expresses the liberty accorded to the students by allowing them to air their individual opinion and give them the opportunities to explore their interests and talents. The school also emphasizes on good relationship between the students and other members of the community (TSMS, 2010)

B) What are the admissions criteria for the program you are assessing?

With regard to admission criteria, the school selects the students in accordance with the set standards by the New York East village giving very little attention to the education capabilities of the respective applicants (TSMS, 2010). The application greatly depends on the applicant’s competence with regard to lessons attendance and the admission also depends on the recommendation from the teachers. This selection criterion is very ineffective keeping in mind the staff composition of the school which is full of Caucasians considering the composition of the school which is mainly comprised of Africans, Asians and Hispanics only 27% of the students are whites. This means that with regard to interviews and students recommendation procedure there should be need to consider thee cultural background of the student in question i.e. black students should be interviewed by black teachers since they understand the student’s culture. However, the school can apply an effective cross cultural communication which will enable the teachers to address the students in a way acceptable in their given cultures.

D) How does the actual environment look? For example are there posters and signs on the wall? If so, what do they reveal? 3 pts.

The school fosters community diversity through posters such as the school logo which is written in Spanish which indicates its appreciation of other communities and cultures. The school websites also contains photos of students from different cultures which is a perfect sign that the school appreciates person from other cultures. The use of such posters such as the school logo and photos in the school gives the students from other cultures a sense of belonging. This indeed makes the school a center which exhibits cultural diversion and accepts students from other communities.

E) Does the upper management/administration staff reflect the staffing patterns of the line staff (ethnicity)? 2 pts.

The school staff is made up Caucasian teachers including the principal and the top member s of the staff, the school, and the teacher in charge of guidance and counseling is also Caucasian. This is very wrong since it does not give an impression that the school is dedicated to foster cultural diversity. In order for a society to display cultural diversity, the persons responsible for administration should be drawn from different cultures so as to give the whole society and the students the impression that the school is governed by people from different cultures therefore they feel secure keeping in mind that the issue of apartheid does not arise (TSMS, 2010). The staff composition of the school also may trigger ethnicity conflicts where students and parents may think the school is only interested in white people but t not all the other cultural groups associated with the school. The line of staff completely does not show a reflection of the population they are working with.

F) Does the line staff reflect the client population they are working with? 2pts.

The administration is also the same as the principal, dean of students and other top members of the staff are white. The school did not put into consideration the need for a counselor who understands different cultures. It is important for the school to ensure that it recruits different persons with different cultures so as to address the cultural diversity in the school. The school can also employ a counselor who has sufficient cross cultural communication skills (TSMS, 2010).

G) Does the organization appear to provide culturally relevant activities or rituals for the population it serves? If so what are they?

The school offers extracurricular activities and other after school hours activities such as homework and games such as football, tennis etc. However, the school does not engage in any cultural sensitive activities which have an impact to the various cultures of the students, this greatly shows the cultural insensitivity of the school. This is because there are certain cultural activities such as religious activities. In order for the school to ensure that the students from various cultural backgrounds, it is important for them to engage in activities which show their interests in the different cultures (Connerley, 1998). This is very important since the students will feel recognized by the school which gives them a sense of belonging (Connerley, 1998).

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H) How does the organization promote the values of diversity and cultural competence? (Be specific)

The school promotes values of cultural diversity and cultural competence by ensuring that they give the students the opportunity to air their views and their ideas. The school also provides an environment which is conducive for students from all cultural backgrounds to study and pursue their future ambitions. The school also has posters which show their dedication towards cross cultural education in one place (TSMS, 2010). The school mission statement also declares their dedication towards the success of persons from different communities by allowing them to pursue their interests. The school also has struggled to ensure that no culture is favored by providing activities of general nature i.e. the school does not offer any rituals or activities which are attributed to a given cultural group or community (TSMS, 2010).

I) What does the census bureau data reveal about the community where the agency is located?

The school is located in very diverse environment. The school is based I the city of New York which has neighborhoods made up of people from different cultural backgrounds. They have people from different cultures such as Africans, Asians, Spaniards and whites. The census bureau data shows the presence of different communities’ in the New York City. The census data shows that most of the neighborhoods contain persons from different cultural backgrounds ranging from Asians, Whites, Blacks and Hispanics. These census data shows the importance of an institution which addresses cultural diversity, the school is based in the New York City East village which is also characterized by many persons from different cultural backgrounds. The school is established in a perfect environment with different cultures hence giving it the opportunity to pursue its goals stated in the mission statement.

J) What training, if any, does the agency offer to staff specifically toward deepening the insight and cultural competency skills of the workers?

The school does not foster in any programs which is directed to improve the staff understanding of cultural diversity (TSMS, 2010). With regard to the many cultures present in the school, the administration should ensure that the school staff is well appraised with regard to the various student cultures. The school should also ensure that it educates the students on the importance of enough knowledge with regard to cross cultural communication. It is important to ensure that the teachers have enough knowledge on cross cultural communication since it enables them vary the way they communicate with students of different cultures. The school should also educate the students on the importance of accepting persons from other cultures and appreciate them the way they are this indeed builds up a perfect institute which recognizes persons from different cultures (TSMS, 2010).

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K) Are there any client satisfaction surveys used? Is there a client advisory council? If not why?

The school does not organize any client satisfaction survey so as to establish whether the students enjoy the multicultural environment. This is mainly because the school was formed by parents in the neighborhood and since then the school has been held as a centre of multicultural learning

L) A. Identify and state the level of Competency (see Continuum scale).

b) Provide specific examples and details, from the handout (by Cross, Multicultural Competencies, 1998) to substantiate your selection. You should use quotes while using some of the language from this developmental continuum to substantiate your finding of the level of competency.

The level of competency with regard to this organization can be said to be average. This is mainly because, the school does not fully recognize other culture, and this is with regard to the administration composition and other staff members (Connerley, 1998). To ensure excellent multicultural competence, it is important to ensure that a society is well balanced culturally, it is important for the administration to contain persons from different cultural set ups (Connerley, 1998). This goes a long way in ensuring that the members of the administration are able to mingle and understand the different cultures. It is also important for the school to diversify its administration since it gives the students a sense of belonging. Otherwise putting a student in an environment which lacks someone who fully understands his or her culture may have many emotional effects (Connerley, 1998). The school also does not focus fully in ensuring that the teachers gain enough knowledge about diverse cultures. However, the school promotes the issue of cultural competence by admitting students from different cultures and even stating in the mission statement their dedication towards assisting students from different cultural backgrounds to attain academic, ethical and critical thinking excellence (Connerley, 1998).

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M) Conclude with a summary of specific recommendations for moving theorganization toward a higher level of Cultural Competency. You should utilize one or more of the 8 “Useful Steps for Organizational Self Assessment” developed by the NCCC (from page 12 of your text book)

The organizations should take up several steps to ensure that their state of multicultural competence is raised above their current standard level (Multicultural Competencies, 1998). The school can do this by first ensuring that their administration is set up in accordance with the various leadership standards with regard to a multicultural agency (Connerley, 1998). The school should also ensure that the teachers are well educated and have sufficient knowledge with regard to cross cultural communication so as to improve the communication between teachers and students keeping in mind the fact that the teachers can vary the way they communicate in between cultures. The school should also engage in activities which will enable them to gauge the students and the community reaction with regard to the school’s cultural diversity. This can also be referred to as a satisfaction survey (Connerley, 1998).



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