Free Essay Sample «Module 1 Journal»

Free Essay Sample «Module 1 Journal»

Over past, American education has undergone an enormous transition with regards to the ever changing environments in our societies today. Despite the fact that America underwent many challenges with regards to the then schooling systems, there have been improvement and developments within the nation. Societal transformation has brought about many problems in the educational systems. Such problems include racial discrimination, religious conflicts and political differences.

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Early in the 20th century, African- Americans were sidelined within school because of their color. They were placed in low schools with inadequate facilities and little experienced teaching staff. There were absolutely limited chances of the blacks benefiting from quality education as a result of this racial segregation.

Religion had a vital role to play early 20th century. All types of religions were represented in the America’s education systems. From the virtue of religion, some people felt that American values and their relation to the creator, be taught in schools. However, tere were those who objected this idea, thus creating misunderstandings amongst them. Many problems faced can be attributed to such misunderstandings and disagreements.

The step taken by the Americans of making the public education compulsory was deeply rooted in the historical education philosophies. It was aimed at unifying all people indiscriminate of their gender, race or religion. Compulsory attendance of this free education systems meant that all the aliens were to be assimilated into the American culture. Due to religious differences, people reacted differently to this idea. Most schools taught the children in the protestant ways. The catholics were never pleased with this system and that’s why they settled down and started their own schools as witnessed today all over the world. From my own perspective, the introduction of public education systems had a core objective of uniting citizens under one structure of belief rather than letting them embrace their different cultures. From the support given by majority of the citizens, America developed and became a great nation as seeen today.

The entire teaching profession should be in a position to offer quality services to their clients. In this case, the clients are the students in various educational institutions. In order to create a successful environment of excellence, teachers must possess certain characteristics. First, an instructor must understand how each and every student learn and develop. Learning amongst students differs, in that there are those who learn faster than the others. When a teacher concentrates much on understanding his/her students, he/ she will be able to support the student’s personal, social and intellectual development. Another feature of teaching profession is the use of a variety teaching strategies. Such strategies should motivate the students on how to solve problems surrounding them through critical thinking and performance techniques. Teachers should be positive thinkers since most students base their teachers as role models. In essence, a teacher ought to be a dynamic person in all aspects of life and has to evaluate the choices made by him or her on daily basis.


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