Free Custom «Midwifery Education» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Midwifery Education» Essay Paper

As a matter of fact, it has been my dream to pursue midwifery education given that it shapes the health of an individual, families and the community from the larger point of view. In the past, midwifery education has received a lot of opposition given that women were alienated in the society and so degraded. Having received my bachelor’s degree in nursing, I am therefore well equipped to pursue midwifery education with efficacy. Just as Pandey (2007) puts it, primary care is driven by nursing and midwifery education as change agents and so to speak, I will be well placed to start the education. Given to this point, my life is very stable right now and as a result, I have the ability to concentrate in my studies. The life stability in this case will enable me to pay for my school fees without much struggle and as such I see it as the best opportunity to start the midwifery education given that conditions of living allow for it.

In the same line of deliberation, integration of both nursing education and midwifery education will make me to be of a great help to the society in relation to health. Introspectively, midwifery education will give me the opportunity to help to shape the health of the society. According to Pandey (2007),both international Council of Nurses (ICN) and the International confederation of Midwives, recognizes nursing and midwifery education as tools that effectively strengthens professional practice and so to speak the health of the community. In regard to this point, midwifery education being not given a lot of attention across the globe, with a nursing experience, knowledge and skills, one can make it to be an effective nurse-midwife.

In this sense, my bachelors’ degree in nursing will enable me to go through my midwifery education with efficacy. Moreover, starting my midwifery education at this time will enable me to develop in my field of nursing. So to articulate, this will make me to contribute a great deal to the wellbeing of the society. This is given to the reason that I will be in a position to bring the importance of midwifery to the nursing context and as such find way for the recognition of midwifery education in the nursing fraternity. Generally, the prevailing circumstances gives me room to start my midwifery education in the sense that I have a very stable life now and at the same time a bachelor’s degree in nursing which is actually an added advantage while studying midwifery education.



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